Tips For Livening Up Your Garden During Winter

Winter can seem like the worst enemy of a lush and lovely garden, and it might appear that there’s nothing you can really do in yours except wait for the spring.

However, there’s plenty you can do, so it’s time to set that sense of futility aside and get to work! Winter isn’t over until late March, so until that time, a bit of effort in the garden area certainly wouldn’t go amiss. But what ideas should you keep in mind here?

Therefore, here’re 3 things you can do in your garden over winter. Try to remember each if you’re ever stuck for ideas!

Plant Winter Plants
It’s been an anxious time with the pandemic going on, but gardens have provided people with a lot of comfort throughout it all. Colourful winter plants can surely play a part if you need some of that comfort yourself!

Palm plants and winter jasmine are flowers that can add a bright splash of character to your garden. Additionally, you can get yourself a colourful pot and plant therein some cheerful pansies. Mix and match and figure out what works for you.

You can also make a start on planting your bulbs, ready for the spring. Tulips and daffodils and prime candidates here, so get them in if you fancy it. Garlic, leek, onions, radishes and potatoes can also be planted ahead of what is sure to be a wonderful spring, which means you can use this dreary winter to get ahead on all your future endeavours.

Introduce Insect Netting
During the winter, garden netting can be a worthwhile investment to protect your plants.

For example, insect netting should help you keep winter bugs from crawling over any winter-specific foliage. Slugs, caterpillars, aphids and more all live to cause chaos in gardens at this time. Getting ride of them is key!

For useful countermeasures, you can find out more here on the Little Fields Farm website. They stock a variety of products in the way of garden netting and frost protection, so they should be your first port of call when looking after your garden in the winter. All their stock is affordable, as you can shop based on price ranges first. Additionally, they can provide you with some expert guidance on these matters also, keeping you informed.

Feed the Birds
There’s more than one way to chip away at the insect population in your garden, and one of the might be to encourage an uptick of birds.

In 2019, more than half of British homeowners fed the birds in some capacity, setting out birdfeeders in their gardens to draw them in. Winter can be a dreary time indeed, but some colourful and energetic birds flitting about the garden could liven things up a bit. At the very least, they’re an antidote to the murky weathers, and it might be they can bring some much-needed cheer.

Beyond the perks of hearing the bird song, feeding the birds has other users too. You’d be setting a precedent here, which means the birds will return in springtime and likely give you a helping hand as

far as pest control goes. Set up a birdhouse too, and you’ll soon have flying pest control staff for the foreseeable future.


  1. We love feeding the birds. We have a pair of tits checking out the nesting box atm.

  2. It is also important to keep the birds supplied with water, especially during cold, frosty days. I've spent a lot of time this winter pouring hot water on to our frozen bird bath!