Things to Consider Before Getting a Rabbit

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So you’re thinking of getting a rabbit for your children? There are close to 1 million rabbits in the UK so it is a very popular pet especially if you have children. Get your children used to animals by using toy animals in education lessons.

It’s easy to see why, they are just so cute. If you are considering bringing a rabbit home as a pet for your children, there are few things to consider first. This will mean that you are well prepared for what is in store when the rabbit does come home with you.

Life Span of Rabbits
Rabbits can live up to 12 years. This means they are a pet that will stay with you for some time. This means understanding the time commitment needed for feeding, cleaning, and looking after their health. 

Be sure you are ready for that type of long term commitment before purchasing.

Two’s Company
Rabbits like to be around other rabbits. This means taking on more than one. This means twice the responsibility of feeding, cleaning out their hutch, and taking them to the Vet should they need it. You may want to go to the Vet when you purchase your rabbits for spaying and neutering. 

Rabbits need plenty of room to exercise. They don’t like being cooped up in their hutch all day. Ensure you have enough space to allow them out of their hutch each day to exercise. This can be in your garden or in your home. 

Rabbit Food
It is not the case that all rabbits eat are carrots! It’s important to provide your rabbit with the right food with enough nutrients. A high quality feeding hay should make up a large proportion of the food for your rabbit, coupled with fresh vegetables, your rabbit will feel happy and healthy. You can add in the likes of carrots and even apples to vary what they are eating.

Secure Your Home 
Ensure your home is safe and secure for your rabbit. This means checking there are no gaps or holes in your fence. If you are allowing your rabbit to exercise in your home, check that it is safe for them. Also, remember that rabbits like to chew, so you may want to protect your furniture! 

Medical Care
Just like all pets, rabbits will require medical care. It is best to take out insurance for this. It will mean you won’t have huge bills if an emergency happens. Insurance also helps with regular check-up expenses meaning you don't have to pay the full bill, instead you would be required to pay part of the cost. Do some research and find the best and most competitive insurance for your needs.

You should know that rabbits have their own lifestyle, they do what they are required to do and as such, they often sleep during the day as well as the night. They are often at their most active during dusk and dawn. While this is great in the evening, it’s not so good if you want to sleep in! Just remember this before you decide to get a rabbit.


  1. Rabbits can be house trained as well - a few of my family have had rabbits who happily used a litter tray in the house.

  2. We did enjoy keeping rabbits when our children were younger

  3. We had rabbits when our children were young which they loved.

  4. This is amazing thanks for sharing this blog i become fan of your blogs now. This blog is so interesting and informative.

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  6. A friend of ours had a cute rabbit and their house was perfect for it! It also had a long, secure, walled back garden!