Levitating Décor is the Future of Interior Design (and it’s Already Here)

Over the last few years, interior design has trended towards the past more than the present. With cottage, vintage, and retro taking the spotlight, we half expected 2021 to be the year of medieval-chic.

Just kidding.

In truth, we’re seeing a trend away from the comfortable (yet sometimes cluttered) feel of vintage styles. Now, modern minimalism is in full swing, and it’s brought some exciting new trends with it.

Our favourite is levitating décor. It might sound like something from Star Trek, but it’s a real thing, and it’s already here.

Some of the coolest levitating concepts are found in new homes (that cost a fortune). But you can introduce a little levitation into your space too. For example, the Airsai levitating plant pot is one of the most affordable and attractive levitating decorations. It really levitates on its own and holds any small plant. It’s the perfect piece for a windowsill, mantle, or desk.

During the winter sale, Airsai is available for over 60% off. You can see it in action and order your pot here.

Is adding levitating decor to your home really worth it? Let’s look at some of the benefits.

It decreases clutter

Levitation doesn’t just look great. It also has a practical purpose at home.

When you use levitating gadgets like lights, chargers, and speakers, you eliminate the need for excess cables. In the case of lighting and speakers, you’ll also enjoy a fixture-free minimal look. No more screws and wires will get in the way of the decorative elements of your home!

Levitation also gives the appearance of a clutter-free space. When something is levitating above a surface, the surface itself will appear neat and unused. It’s a little minimalist hack that levitation is bringing to interior design for the first time.

It’s relaxing

Levitating décor helps to reduce stress and calm the mind. This is even more true of the Airsai levitating plant pot, as plants are already natural stress reducers.

Most levitating products can either rest in a static levitating state or they can spin. Either way, there’s zero friction between the object and any other force, so it can sit or spin in seemingly zero-gravity conditions until you decide to stop it.

The easy rotation of a plant or a lightbulb in zero gravity has an effect much more satisfying than other desk de-stressors, such as the Newton’s Cradle. But it uses the same concept of symmetry and perpetual motion to create a sense of tranquillity.

It’s especially nice after a long day of work or on an early morning. Enjoying a quiet moment or meditation with a levitating bonsai tree or fern is much more grounding than staring at your phone.

It makes an impression

We love decorating our homes and offices because of the way it makes us feel. But let’s get real. We also want others to like it!

Levitating décor is brand new, and almost no one is doing it (besides the latest trendsetters). If the neighbours walk in to find a levitating plant or lamp in your home, they’re sure to notice. It’s a great conversation starter, and it will make your interior stand out in the crowd.

This is perhaps even more valuable in an office setting. If you’re trying to make an impression with the boss, sometimes something as simple as being unique will ensure that you’re top of mind when new opportunities arise. Nobody will forget the employee with the levitating desk decorations.

Kids love it

Kids are thrilled by levitating gadgets. There’s something about these objects that captivates their minds and opens up even the shyest little ones to new ideas.

You can expect your kids to bubble with questions. It’s an excellent way to inspire imaginations and even foster an interest in science. Now, you’ll have an opportunity to talk to your kids about levitation, wireless electricity, and other modern advances in technology. Who knows? One of yours might become an astronaut!

Levitating décor like Airsai is safe to use at home and with kids. It’s a fun gift for a child to put in their bedroom too. They’ll love the attention it gets them from classmates.

Add Levitating Décor to Your Home

Has your home felt a little stagnant or cluttered lately? Maybe it’s time to lighten things up with a new look. Levitating décor is the fresh, minimal, and stress-reducing trend that your family will love.

Now, it’s more affordable than ever to add some levitating decorations to your home. Floately, the manufacturer of Airsai and other levitating products, is currently running a sale. You can get Airsai for over 60% ($200 in savings) and save 50% or more on other levitating products. All of the products really levitate—no gimmicks or illusions! And, because they use electromagnets to levitate, they’ll work forever.

Airsai is available in two different pot styles, so you can choose the one that fits the look of your home. Watch Airsai and other Floately products levitate and take advantage of the sale today at floately.com.


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