Children's Toys to Encourage Cognitive Development


Play is important for children's cognitive development. And by that I mean your child’s ability to understand, communicate, and imagine what might happen next in their play, which will translate into all aspects of their life. Children want to learn how things work, and they learn best through play. There are some brilliant children’s toys available at Wicked Uncle to help with solving problems, thinking and learning all the time.

And spending time playing with your child, or children, is especially important for your child’s cognitive development too. It's a great way to build your parent/child relationship, your bond, and it sends a powerful message that they are important to you. 

Here are a few ideas to encourage cognitive development through different play activities that can be done solo, or with parent interaction.

Robots in Motion - 116 piece Building Set from Wicked Uncle

Imagination Boosters
Toys that can get the imagination flowing are great for development. Ones such as LEGO, wooden blocks and anything that incorporates building, and working out how things go together, are a really great investment to help children use their imagination. It's all about getting them to learn how these toys go together, how they fit, how they can be altered to create other items, and be creative in what they make. 

Board Games
Games that focus on building children's logic are also great, so board games can really help with this. They can help children develop the mind on planning, strategies and working out what they need to do to win in the end. So for younger children, easier to play games like Connect 4 can really benefit them, as not only are they trying to win, but they're focusing on the path they have to make to achieve that win. 

For older children you can look at a more broad range of games. Such as The Horrible Histories board game, answering questions, learning historical facts and hearing funny jokes too. Even The IQ Puzzler Pro which is a 3D brainteaser game, or Mancala, the oldest game in the world. Both strategy games that will get their minds working and help improve their problem solving. 

Musical Set - Four Wooden Instruments from Wicked Uncle

Musical Instruments
Learning a musical instrument can really help to improve cognitive development in lots of different areas. And you can get wooden toy instruments that can be practised on at a young age, to get children ready for them as they get older. Learning and playing musical instruments can help to enhance memory recall, concentration, and give children a creative side. All of which will really benefit them later in life. 

Toys That Can Be Manipulated
Manipulative play is so important for children. Toys that get them constructing, building and doing puzzles can really help build muscle control and problem solving. Jigsaws that can be manoeuvred into place, Play Doh to make their own creations, and anything that gives children the sense that they're able to create something, are great toys to give the mind a boost. 

Bath Bomb Factory - So Bomb DIY

Creativity Boosters
Toys and games that revolve around art and craft activities are no brainers. Most children love them and are immediately drawn towards them because they can be messy, and messy play is always a bonus for children. Painting sets, moulding sets, soap and bath bomb making kits, craft sets and even build your own toy kits are all good options for this. 


  1. I love creative toys for kids. I used to spend hours playing with Lego and Meccano when I was young, and made a career in Civil Engineering!

  2. Oh I love the look of the robot! We have the basic cog set but this looks great! We love Wicked Uncle here!

  3. Love the look of the robots kits