6 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Cope with Allergies

Allergies can be particularly difficult for children to cope with, as having an allergy can make them feel isolated and unable to enjoy the activities that others their age love. As well as seasonal allergies, issues such as dust allergies and other conditions such as asthma can also leave your kid struggling throughout the year. Then, here is a selection of ways that you can help your child to cope with their symptoms.

Hire a Carpet Cleaner
Although you might think of your home as a safe space for your children, with allergies becoming more frequent, your home can also be a hive of allergens that could trigger symptoms in your children. This is particularly the case if dust is a problem for them. In these cases, you need to make your home as clean as possible, and hiring a South West London carpet cleaner can help you to do this, as they can use professional-grade cleaning fluids and methods to keep your home fresh and sparkling. This will enable you to ensure that your kids can relax at home without any fear of their symptoms.

Keep Your Home Well-Ventilated
If your little ones’ symptoms are triggered by dust, you should also consider keeping your home well-ventilated, as this will ensure that dust on bedding and soft furnishings can exit your home easily. Rather than opening a window, which can let in pollen and other allergens, you should consider installing an air purifier and vents within your walls that can filter the air that is entering your home and ensure that your kids breathe in clean air all day long.

Create a Comforting Sleep Area
For many children, their symptoms may be easier to manage if they get enough rest, and this means that it is important that they have a comforting sleeping area for them to get this in. However, beds and bedroom can be one of the worst areas of the home for allergens, and these can be easily triggered at night, and so you should make sure that you wash bedding and plush toys regularly and that you try to create a minimalist space for your child when creating their bedroom.

Try Home Remedies and Medications
There are many home remedies that may be useful to your children and prevent the worst of their symptoms. These include honey mixes, probiotics, and some essential oils. If these do not work, you might consider talking to your kid’s doctor about the possible medication that they could try.

Check on Pets
Although children love their pets, their long, soft fur can lead to coughs and sneezes in your kids. Then, you should try to opt for hypoallergenic breeds, ensure that the pets stay in one area of the house, wash the pet often and keep on top of its grooming, and make sure that you teach your child how to act around your pet, such as not hugging it.

Vanquish Damp and Mold
Damp and mold are some of the most prevalent allergens within the home, with many studies suggesting that over 50% of homes in the USA are damp or are at risk of mold. You should protect your children from this by ensuring that bathrooms are well-ventilated, removing any mold that you find with a soap and water mix, and ensuring that larger cases of damp and mold are eradicated through specialist damp treatment.

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  1. I've never really known anyone with a bad allergy, but I can understand that it can be quite distressing. It must be constantly in your mind if a loved one has an allergy....