The Ultimate Family Trip to Florence

Everyone knows that Florence is a haven for art, fashion, and food lovers but not really one that comes to mind when traveling with children. However, with proper planning and preparation, this Italian city can actually be one of the most family-friendly tourist destinations. Regardless of what they are interested in, you will surely find plenty of things to do with kids in Florence. The city is rich in educational institutions, world-class museums, outdoor spaces and other landmarks that offer fun opportunities for your children.

Useful tips for traveling in Florence with children
  • The city is filled with cobbled streets, which are beautiful to look at but can be a challenge if you’re using strollers. If you’re traveling with younger children, opt for a carrier instead.
  • Buy entrance tickets to attractions months in advance and, if you can, go for tickets with a skip-the-queue option. 
  • If you have heavy luggage or bags with you, look for a luggage storage service in Florence and temporarily store your extra items there. 
  • For unlimited access to public buses and trams, consider buying the official city transportation pass, the Firenzecard+, which is worth €7 and valid for 72 hours upon activation. The best part is that you only have to buy a single card; children under 18 years of age get free use of transportation as long as an immediate family member is a Firenzecard+ holder. You can buy the pass online here.
Best Family-Friendly Activities in Florence
For some fun family time in Florence, here are some of the top things to do in the city:

Have a picnic at the Boboli Gardens.
The Giardino di Boboli, more commonly known to tourists as Boboli Gardens, is a 15th-century garden located in Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood, just behind the renowned Pitti Palace. Arguably the most famous green space in Florence, the garden boasts lush, manicured grounds and is adorned by various fountains and Renaissance-style sculptures. It also features a labyrinthine hedge that makes the area look like a maze, which is a feature that your kids may enjoy. Boboli Gardens is a great spot to relax, people watch and have a picnic with your family.

Ride the antique carousel at Piazza della Republica.

Children go crazy over rides and they will surely have a memorable time at Florence’s Piazza della Republica! The city center’s main square is a buzzing area that’s frequented by locals and tourists alike with its festive atmosphere, street performances, and caf├ęs and shops that line the area. One of the cool finds at the Piazza della Republica is an ancient but brightly-colored carousel, which your young ones will enjoy riding. 

Book a family tour at the Uffizi Gallery.
The Uffizi Gallery is one of Italy’s most prominent museums and considered a must-see attraction when in Florence. Due to the gallery’s popularity, it’s no surprise that it gets extremely crowded, which might discourage you from visiting with your children. However, there are guided tours available that are specially made for families, which include engaging activities so that your children won’t get bored and lets you skip the lines. Book a family tour of the Uffizi Gallery here.

Learn something new at the Museo Galileo.
If you have a teen who’s into science and history, you should definitely stop at the Museo Galileo, located just a few steps away from the Uffizi Gallery. One of Florence’s most kid-friendly attractions, the museum has exhibits on various fields of science, including astronomy, meteorology, and more. It also houses some ancient scientific instruments, most notably Galileo’s very own telescope. 

Enjoy some gelato!

Kids love having sweets and when in Florence, there’s no better dessert than a gelato. After all, this Italian staple is believed to have first been invented in the city by Bernardo Buontalenti. While almost every gelato shop you visit will be worth your while, there are a few that stand out among the rest. One of the most famous gelato shops in Florence is Vivoli, which dates back to 1926. 

Dress like a royal at Palazzo Vecchio.
The Palazzo Vecchio is the former residence of the wealthy Medici family and is a top family-friendly attraction in Florence. The museum brings the Renaissance to life with various exhibitions and demonstrations of how the Medici family lived during their time. One of the most recommended tours for families is the Life At Court tour, which brings guests to a secret passage in the palace that leads to a costume room. Here, children can dress up and try on the costumes that were once worn by royalty themselves.

See ancient armor at the Stibbert Museum.
The Stibbert Museum is a unique museum in Florence that features the private collection of English art collector, Frederick Stibbert. Unlike the other museums found in the city, this establishment houses one-of-a-kind relics and artifacts that make it look like a toy shop – from its ancient armors to weapons from various civilizations. Don’t forget to check out the Hall of The Ride, where you will find armored knights on horses that are extremely lifelike.

Enjoy the outdoors at Parco delle Cascine.
Spanning over 160 acres of land, the Parco delle Cascine is one of Florence’s biggest parks and a perfect venue for a day out with the family. Although it is outside of the city center, it’s easily accessible via tram ride and definitely worth the visit. The park has plenty of space for various activities such as kite-flying, rollerblading, and jogging. Additionally, the park features souvenir shops, a swimming pool, a Ferris wheel, and cycling lanes (you can also rent a bike in the park).

Join a cooking class.
Cooking is an activity that both you and your child can enjoy and what better way to learn than by joining a cooking class. There are plenty of places in Florence that offer cooking classes for families, where you get to learn how to make Tuscan staples such as pasta, pizza and bruschetta. The best part is that you get to eat all of it afterward! One of the best places to go to for a cooking class is at Mama Florence; book a class now through their official website.

Visit the Il Porcellino.
Outside the buzzing Mercato Nuovo is a bronze sculpture known as the Il Porcellino, which is the unofficial mascot of the area and a favorite stop for children. This bronze piglet is part of the city’s folklore; they say that if you insert a coin in the sculpture’s mouth and rub its snout, you will surely get a return trip to Florence. The best part is that all the money collected from this tradition is donated to a local charity for children.



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