Ideas For Getting Ready To Host A Summer Garden Party

Now, I know we have to be mindful of the pandemic at the moment, but this shouldn't stop us from forward planning, and preparing for when we are finally allowed to see other people, and ave people in our gardens again. 

And I thin that's what this year will mainly be, meeting people in our gardens. So, with that in mind, how prepared if your garden to have people over? I know mine is looking fairly dire at the moment. So, I've been thinking of ways in which I can spruce up my garden, and get it Summer garden party ready...

Fix Up The Garden
Get the back garden ready by updating what you already have, and buying new bits to really show off what your garden can be. You want the space you can entertain in, but also be liveable when it's just you and your brood. Cutting the grass always gives the feeling of more space, and making sure all flowers and shrubbery are well maintained to keep your garden looking in tip top condition. A good quality fence around the outer edge to give privacy, and you're all ready to go.

Seating Arrangements
Whether it's a luxury rattan furniture or simple bistro chairs, make sure you have enough seating for your guests to be able to sit back and relax. Invest in foldaway options that can be put away when not needed too. That way you have plenty of seating but it isn't cluttering up your garden when not in use. 

All Round Weather
Think about how you want to use the garden and what type of parties you'll be having. To keep outdoor living areas cool, use portable parasols that can easily be moved or adjusted as the sun angle changes. Whereas, if you'll be having get together's in the cooler evenings, adding an inviting fire pit is a great way to warm up the space. Plus, you can gather your guests around, make s’mores, and toast marshmallows, whilst telling stories over the flames.

Shine Bright At Night
A garden is the ideal place to escape the stresses and strains of life and you can create an atmospheric party space with a clever garden lighting. Adding light will create an oasis of comfortable calm whilst you're surrounded by all the people you love. It means you can enjoy your parties right into the evening when darkness comes over. 

Keep Little Ones Occupied
We all dream of fancy soiree with posh vibes, but let's face it, usually someone will have kids to bring with them, and you'll probably have your own too, so need to make sure your party has something for them too. Put up a wigwam and pint-sized party-goers will camp out in it all day, leaving the grown-ups to enjoy their own fun. You could even make mocktails so they feel like they're really included in the party. 


  1. Great idea ��

  2. The wigwam is a great idea! I think we have everything else covered!