How to have a stress-free layover with children

If you are travelling abroad to get your family together for the holidays and are a bit concerned about flying with children, even more about that long layover that you will have before reaching your destination, I’ve got your back. Today, I’ve partnered up with ground support equipment specialists, Aviation Spares & Repairs to put together some ideas and advice on how to have a stress-free layover with kids.

Play games.
Keeping the little ones entertained is essential. By playing games together, time will fly and you all won’t even notice that it’s almost time to board (Just don’t let time fly too much or you will miss your flight!). Some of my favourite games to play at the airport include I-Spy airport equipment edition to learn more about all the equipment that is used at the airports to get planes ready for departure or simply plane spotting to try to find out from which countries the planes are from.

Take advantage of free activities.
Most airports have free activities to ensure travellers have a good time or at least, a less stressful time at the airport. So, before you head out to the airport, have a quick Google search to see if your departure or arrival airport has some free activities to experience. My Pinstrosity Life shared that the Vancouver Airport has an aquarium with over 70,000 animals and the Tokyo Haneda Airport has a planetarium cafe, where you can enjoy a drink under the stars – count me in!

Walk around.
After a long flight, the best thing to do is to stretch your legs and walk around the airport. If you feel like you need to relax before your next flight, why not head down to the yoga room at the airport to stretch and take a deep breath with your children.

Pet therapy animals.
Don’t let stress ruin your trip. If you or your kids are feeling anxious about flying or about anything else at the airport, ask staff if there are airport therapy animals that you can pet. For instance, Southampton International Airport has a team of therapy dogs, known as the Canine Crew, who provide comfort and distraction to stressed travellers.

Don’t forget to eat.
Sparkles and Stretchmarks also published an article about things to do while waiting at the airport, where she mentions the importance of eating to ensure everybody’s sanity! “If either you or the kids start getting grumpy from being hungry, things can turn south really quickly. So, don’t let things get to that point and get some food in your bellies.” She also recommends visiting the airport lounge if you have enough time at the airport – it might seem expensive, but airport lounges can actually be pretty affordable and by visiting, you will have a less busy environment where you and your family can relax plus, sometimes lounges offer free food too!

How do you have a stress-free layover experience?

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