How To Choose Dining Chairs for Your Home

In your home, the dining table is the main locations for socialising. From lazy breakfasts, to diner parties or family get-togethers. It's where family and friends sit around and enjoy the company of others. 

Traditionally, dining tables and chairs were bought as matching sets, but nowadays, there are so many style combinations available, the choices are endless. If you have a beautiful dining table but want to modernise it with new dining chairs, then there are many factors to consider. So before you rush into making a hefty purchase, it's important to consider these points...

One size does not fit all
It is important that your dining room chairs fit around the table, so make sure to measure every aspect of where the chairs will sit, and make sure they'll fit comfortably, with a bit of give at each side for room to manoeuvre, and so guests aren't too close together that their elbows are touching. Take into consideration that narrower chairs can be uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods, but wider chairs will take up more space. 

Style and Design
Modern styles dictates that non-matching furniture is currently in. But, regardless of whether you choose matching or non-matching, there should be a design element linking the chairs to the table. This can be the material, style, or design. Once you have decided on the style that will fit your dining table, there is much choice, especially when it comes to fabric dining chairs, where the combinations of colour and prints are endless. 

You should consider how much you and your guests will be using your dining chairs. Ultra modern, minimal chairs look great, but can be a bit uncomfortable after a while. Comfy upholstered chairs are great for entertaining for longer periods. But, in all honesty, the material you choose and whether or not you opt for upholstered dining chairs really comes down to personal style, taste and life style preferences. 

There's nothing worse than going to pull out a chair, and it being a lot heavier than expected. Especially for children, the elderly and pregnant ladies. Portability is an important factor, heavy clunky chairs may be comfortable to sit in, but are awkward to pull to and from the dining room table.

This is where you should think about what sort of household do you live in. If you live in a busy household with young children and pets, opting for  light colours and delicate designs would not be appropriate, opt for darker colours or patterns to mask stains in materials which can be wiped down or easily cleaned instead.

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