How Art Can Finish A Room

When it comes to finishing off a room, wall art serves the same purpose as the stylistic icing on the cake. A room just doesn't look complete without any. Wall art draws in the eye and pulls together the space, making your home more inviting to be in. 

And whilst there are no set of rules for when it comes to styling your home, following some basic things, such as going by size and style, theme, colour and even inspiration, the choices can be endless and can really make your room come together nicely.

Choose What You Like
The top piece of advice that every person needs to hear when it comes to choosing their perfect wall art, is to pick what you like. If you're looking at a piece that just doesn't spark joy, then don't put it on your wall. You want to go for something that gives feelings of enjoyment, after all, you're spending your money on this, so go for something you like when it comes to stylish framed prints. And whilst it can be common to compromise on what you choose to suit your whole family's likes and dislikes, this definitely does not mean you need home d├ęcor that does not suit your style.

The Size Of Your Wall
When it comes to wall art, you really need to have an idea of the size you will need for your wall of choice. The easiest way to do this is to start off with the big pieces first and work your way down as you begin pulling the space together. This about the room you're decorating and what it can actually accommodate in it. For instance, a master bedroom would easily fit an oversized piece above the bed, but a bathroom would more than likely need a few smaller prints dotted around.

Choose The Right Colour
I’m sure you’ve seen the colour palettes that show just what colours work together when it comes to decorating. Well, when it comes to art, these go out the window as there is more allowance for the use of bold colour schemes or the brights you may only reserve for an accent wall. 

There are two approaches to selecting your wall art by colour and these are:...

Adding art to your room that incorporates colours already present in the room. Sticking to a consistent scheme is complementary. A pastel room would really benefit from pretty in pink art prints, whereas a light blue and white painting looks beautiful with a navy blue wall. 

Choosing art that introduces bolder shades from your colour scheme. This way, your wall colour does not need to restrict your palette but instead, it serves as a baseline for your room to evolve from. Bright neon pieces stand out against walls with neutral backgrounds, or art with texture can really bring another dimension. 

Pick A Theme
Homes with a theme are simple to decorate because you can quickly eliminate items that do not fit your chosen theme. For instance, if you have a boys bedroom to decorate and they’re Marvel obsessed, you can adorn their walls with superhero posters to really match in with the rest of their room. The same can be said for abstract settings, beach properties, and uber modern pads. Go with what fits the theme. 

Wall Art Can Really Define Your Home
Choosing the right wall art can really set the tone for your space, making it inviting, communicating who you are, and defining the rooms you have. Have fun selecting your wall art, but if you really want to make sure it suits the style of your home, then follow the above simple steps to really make your home stand out...

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