Best ironmongery trends to upgrade your home

Have you been looking around your home looking for ways to upgrade it a little bit without any large renovations? Perhaps changing up the ironmongery of your home would be the perfect small uplift your home needs. To share the best ironmongery trends to upgrade your home this year, I’ve partnered up with Ironmongery Experts, a family-run ironmongery business, who have the expertise and experience to talk about all things ironmongery.

As Ironmongery Experts mentioned in a recent blog post, “Architectural ironmongery plays an important role in everyone’s day-to-day life – from operating doors to closing windows, architectural ironmongery is present. Whilst it is often overlooked and even sometimes pushed to the end of decorating projects, we believe it should be given some thought in advance.” and I think so too! Ironmongery is as important to interior design as a necklace is to an outfit, so it should be definitely be given some thought in advance.

Black is back.
Black is always back. It simply never goes out of fashion. It’s elegant, bold and a great choice for any ironmongery piece. Whether it is a door handle, like these matte black knurled door handles, or a door hinge, like these matte black concealed hinges, black ironmongery is both stunning and practical.

Mix and match.
As this article on Time with Thea mentions, choosing unique door handles or mixing ironmongery styles together will be the best way to make your personality shine through interior design. You can choose to mix different hardware finishes together or complete different designs for eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Texture matters.
Like Country Heart and Home says in this article, “I have never thought of texture when it came to interior design”. However, it is actually pretty important and easy to add some texture into your home. For instance, textured door handles will not only add a special touch to your interiors but will also offer improved grip to better operate the door handle.

What are your favourite ironmongery trends?

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