5 Ways To Improve Your Garden

Both my children and I love to be outside in the garden. They will be most likely playing games with each other whilst I’m either gardening or relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea. However, with the weather not being great, we are not enjoying our garden as much as we could and because of this, my garden is not receiving as much attention as it should be. 

As I’m typing this, I’m looking out the window and thinking how I should go pull those horrible weeds from the patio… there is always something to do. If you are like me and love your outdoor area, give it some well deserved attention by giving it a bit of an uplift.

Create an outdoor retreat.
Make the most out of your garden all-year-round by creating an outdoor retreat that you can enjoy, no matter the weather. Designer Shade Solutions create bespoke shading solutions in Ireland and can put together the perfect outdoor retreat for your home in and outside Ireland.

They specialise in retractable louvered roofs which are modern version of pergolas that feature a retractable and tilting louvered roof that can close when the weather is unpleasant, open if the weather is nice or simply tilt to offer some shade. These can be attached to your current living space as an extension to your home or as a standalone structure in your garden. 

Plus, these modern pergolas can be combined with heating, lighting and side glass screens to create the most wonderful outdoor retreat that offers the comfort of an indoor space with the feel of being outdoors. What else would you need?

Upgrade your garden shed.
Mums the Boss recommends upgrading your current outbuildings, such as garden sheds, mentioning how at their home, they “had a grotty old shed at the end of the garden that needed some work. We replaced the roof with clear sheeting and turned it into a small home gym.” 

Add lighting.
Make your garden glow and shine with some outdoor fairy lights or other outdoor lighting that you fancy. There are plenty of options available for you to choose from on the internet.

Tidy it up.
As Midwife and Life mentions on a recent blog post, tidying up your garden won’t add anything new but it will definitely give an uplift. “This might mean fixing that broken fence panel, cleaning out your greenhouse or any other gardening chore you might have on your list.” 

Welcome wildlife.
“Whether you have a few teacups with bird food inside or a small pond for animals to drink water, it’s a step further to help wildlife get some of the basics they need for survival plus, you can enjoy watching them!” comments My Pinstrosity Life in this article. No matter the size of your garden, you can welcome wildlife with a little bit of food and water, the basics for them to survive.

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