Low Covid Risk Outdoor Activities

A lot of people seem to be wondering why they're told to be outside whilst doing activities lately. When it comes to Covid-19, being outdoors is probably such an important way to make sure you minimise your risk of catching it. When you're outside, fresh air is constantly moving, dispersing droplets, so you're less likely to breathe in enough of the respiratory droplets containing the virus that causes Covid-19 to become infected.

5 Tips To Help You Declutter

Everyone has a little junk lying around the house. Okay, some of us may have more than a little but, regardless of how much stuff we have, we can all benefit from decluttering our lives and our homes. If you're struggling and need guidance on how to declutter your home, here are several interesting decluttering tips to get you started...


Dogs are for Life Not Just Lockdown – Top Tips on Taking on a Dog

Lockdown has done many things to us as a nation. We have started working from home when we never thought we would, we have dabbled in home schooling we probably know the local woods better than we ever thought we would and many of us have decided to get a dog. With the idea of holidays becoming less and less common, and being outdoors in the UK all year more and more normal it makes sense. However, a lot of people are taking on a dig without really thinking about it. So here are some top tips and general help about taking on a pooch!


Is Online Fine, or Just Making Do?

Covid has pushed us all online even more than we were before. Millions of people had never done a video call before March 2020 and now they are zooming with family and friends on a weekly basis. The same goes for working from home via online tool, online learning and more. So is it a good thing? Are we going to keep some of these behaviours going after Covid-19 goes away…assuming it will eventually?

Being Grown Up and Planning for the Worst

When we hit 18, we think we are grown up, when we hit 25 we think we were still a kid at 18. This cycle continues and perhaps always will until we are literally in our 90s. but there are times in live when we do have to admit we need to do “grown up” things whether we feel grown up or not. When we get married, have kids or buy a house we do need to make provisions for those who will be left behind if something happens to us. It is a very depressing though and one of the really bad things about growing up. Doing what we want is great, choosing our own holidays, building a career, being a parent…all great, but the reality that we could pop our clogs and the fact we need to take that seriously is boring at best and terrifying at worst. But it doesn’t have to be that bad, if we just embrace it and get it all done there is actually a feeling of tranquillity that comes with this type of planning, so here is what you need to think about.


There is No place Like Home – now more than ever

Whether we like it or not most of us have spent more time in our homes than we ever thoughts we would. While there are some heroic folk out there working on the frontline that would probably love some time at home the vast majority of us have been locked down or choosing to stay in for a long time now. We have become very familiar with our homes and many of the good and bad bits we may not have noticed. So with another few weeks of lockdown and the possibility of more to come what can we do with our homes to make them better ?!


5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

If you struggle with your own self-doubt, like I do, then this could be down to having low self-esteem. This is how you feel about yourself, or the opinion you have about yourself, and can really affect your mood, and your mentality. Everyone has times when they feel a bit low or find it hard to believe in themselves, but sometimes this can become a long term situation and lead to low self-esteem.

What is Self-Esteem?
I'd describe self-esteem as your own inner voice – it's the voice that tells you whether you are good enough to do something, or achieve something, but it can also be the voice that stops you from doing these things too. Self-esteem is actually all about how we value ourselves, and what we are capable of. And how we talk to ourselves has a profound effect on how we habitually feel, including our self-esteem.


How to choose the right hand sanitizer

We all know how important hand hygiene is – it keeps hand clean by killing any germs, bacteria and viruses that we might have on our hands. Hand sanitizer goes hand-in-hand (quite literally) with hand hygiene. By using hand sanitizer after touching public surfaces or after touching food, you will reduce the risks of getting ill and spreading germs, bacteria and viruses to others.

How to Host a Yankee Swap Gift Exchange

Here in the UK, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate every year, from Easter holidays, to Christmas and New Year. However, there are always plenty of other things worth celebrating if you want an excuse to exchange some gifts and make your friends smile. One interesting concept that’s coming over into the UK from the USA lately, is the Yankee swap

You don’t need to be an actual Yankee to have fun with this unique event. Instead, all you need is an agreed budget, a group of friends ready to exchange gifts, and a day that you want to conduct your Yankee swap on. This could be the perfect way to bring together a group of people in just about any setting – even your office.

Let’s see what a Yankee swap is all about.

Best ironmongery trends to upgrade your home

Have you been looking around your home looking for ways to upgrade it a little bit without any large renovations? Perhaps changing up the ironmongery of your home would be the perfect small uplift your home needs. To share the best ironmongery trends to upgrade your home this year, I’ve partnered up with Ironmongery Experts, a family-run ironmongery business, who have the expertise and experience to talk about all things ironmongery.


5 Ways To Improve Your Garden

Both my children and I love to be outside in the garden. They will be most likely playing games with each other whilst I’m either gardening or relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea. However, with the weather not being great, we are not enjoying our garden as much as we could and because of this, my garden is not receiving as much attention as it should be. 

As I’m typing this, I’m looking out the window and thinking how I should go pull those horrible weeds from the patio… there is always something to do. If you are like me and love your outdoor area, give it some well deserved attention by giving it a bit of an uplift.


5 Films That Will Transport You Back to the Victorian Era

The Victorian era, which spanned from June 20, 1837, to January 22, 1901, has frequently been chosen as the setting for great stories - and for good reason! Amidst the industrial revolution, social reform, and an exceptional era for fashion and aesthetics, the Victorian period provides the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of curious tales.


How Yoga Can Help Reduce Stress

Stress is ever present. Fortunately, we've got yoga, which is considered by many to be the oldest defined practice of self-development with it dating back over 5,000 years. The methods of yoga include physical postures and stretching, breathing techniques, and meditation. All of which are proven to help reduce stress and the health effects it causes. 

The best part? You don't need any prior experience to benefit from the practice of yoga. And whether you are at home, the gym or somewhere in between, yoga can always here to help you relax. Many studies have found that yoga can minimise stress and increase productivity, because, aside from the physical benefits that yoga brings, it encourages a good mood.


How Art Can Finish A Room

When it comes to finishing off a room, wall art serves the same purpose as the stylistic icing on the cake. A room just doesn't look complete without any. Wall art draws in the eye and pulls together the space, making your home more inviting to be in. 

And whilst there are no set of rules for when it comes to styling your home, following some basic things, such as going by size and style, theme, colour and even inspiration, the choices can be endless and can really make your room come together nicely.


Top Tips When Caring for Older Dogs

It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, you’re always going to see them as an adorable, excitable puppy-like friend which is often why it can be challenging adapting to caring for older dogs. Unlike puppies and middle-aged dogs, older dogs require a more specific form of care, from food alterations to a change in their daily routine and it’s important to adapt as soon as you can to make their older years more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are our top tips on how to care for older dogs, as well as what to look out for when they do start to age.

Why Your Mobile Signals are Weak?

Poor cell phone reception is a pervasive problem that falls into some categories: localised inadequate coverage due to building materials or destructive interference, and geographic distance or obstacles between your phone and the nearest cell tower.

Below we mention some of the primary drivers that add to powerless signs!


How To Make Use Of The Space In Your Garden

We all want to look outside and see a big country estate, ready to be played in, but we're not all blessed with a huge outdoor space. Let's face it, we could all do with more space, but even the smallest patch of patio or lawn offers scope for grand ideas. It's just a case of actually looking at what you have available and planning that space accordingly...


Being Bold With Your Own Style

Choosing to wear what you like rather than what is fashionable isn't always an easy task. There is a lot of pressure for people to conform and play it safe with what they wear. To wear what the current fashion styles are, and with societies around the world having set trends that come in and out of popularity. 

Of course, though, not everyone wants to fit into the same category when it comes to women's clothing - I certainly don't anyway. You can express yourself through your clothing and give people something new to look at in the process. And it doesn't need to be fashionable and stand-out-ish, but as long as you choose what you like, that's all that matters.