How To Make Use Of The Space In Your Garden

We all want to look outside and see a big country estate, ready to be played in, but we're not all blessed with a huge outdoor space. Let's face it, we could all do with more space, but even the smallest patch of patio or lawn offers scope for grand ideas. It's just a case of actually looking at what you have available and planning that space accordingly...

Think about your lifestyle
Before you start an overhaul of your outdoor space, decide what you want your garden to achieve. I mean, there's no point having a pond area if you need safety for children. Are you garden entertainers? Family focused? Kitchen gardeners? Do you want florals and entertaining, or family friendly space and a wooden summer house for children to play in. It's a case of looking at what you actually for you and your family. 

Play with perspectives
If you have a small garden, then the clever use of shapes can make your smaller garden feel wider. Use alternating paving, flowerbeds or a lawn to the draw the eye to the edges, but remember that bold, geometric shapes look bigger so opt for circles or semi-circles which span the entire garden. Although there's also the option of separating your garden into compartments which can make it feel longer. Consider how the view will look from inside house too. Make sure you can see your favourite spots of the garden from indoors.

Use planters as features
Planters are a must have in gardens to bring some much needed brightness to your garden without compromising on too much space. Growing flowers is a great way to tempt wildlife into your garden and is ideal to get those bees pollinating. Growing flowers straight into the ground ricks using up too much space, whereas planters can be moved into positions to give the impression of more space. 

Invest in a garden room
The ultimate example of blurring the lines between indoors and out is getting yourself a garden room. Think about how you could use this extra bit of space. Whether it's a gym, a dining space or a garden office shed, having that extra bit of space could really help free up space from the house. 

Outdoor dining
There's nothing better than sitting outside on a warm summers evening and enjoying your dinner in the garden. So investing in a good seating area is a great use of space. Have a look around to find what sort of set up would work for you. A large wooden table set, a patio set, or even an outdoor sofa, there is so much choice out there. 

How ever you decide to use the space in your garden, make sure you really think about how it will work for you and your family... 

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