How to Make the Perfect Bathroom

Fed up with staring at dated tiles, leaky taps, and faded lino? Are you dreaming of a bathroom that oozes luxury spa appeal? Many of us are planning to upgrade our bathrooms in the near future and would like to create something special. But where do you start? With so many options available on the market these days, from power showers to full-on wet rooms, it can be overwhelming.

Here’s a few ideas to get your perfect bathroom under way.

Traditional bathroom or wet room?
If you’re planning to go all out with the luxury bathroom idea, then nothing could be more stylish than creating your own wet room. Wet rooms allow for a sleek and practical finish. You can install floating sinks and toilets, as well as create seamless showers without need for an old-style cubicle. However, all of this does come at a cost. You’ll need to think about choosing non-slip tiles, good ventilation and suitable drainage when calculating wet room installation prices.

If all of this sounds like too big a project to take on, then a traditional bathroom with some luxury additions may be the way forward.

Walk in showers and free-standing baths
Even if you can’t install a complete wet room, there are a few elements you could consider upgrading to instead. Walk in shower enclosures are a popular feature in modern bathrooms. They offer more room than a traditional shower cubicle, with sleek glass panels and a less intrusive shower tray.

A freestanding bath is another great choice for creating that feeling of luxury. Whether you go for a modern style or traditional roll top, they make the perfect spot for a relaxing soak.

His and hers sinks
Another trick to giving your bathroom a luxury hotel appearance is to install a double sink unit. His and hers sinks are a useful addition, especially if you like a bit of space to yourself when you’re getting ready to go out. The only downside to having two sinks is having twice as much to clean.

Stylish heating
There are a couple of options to think about when looking at heating your bathroom. The first is to install underfloor heating. If you’re going with the wet room idea, then this is might be a practical solution.

An alternative option might be to choose a modern or designer radiator that fits in with luxury feel of your new bathroom.


  1. Would love a new stylish bathroom, not sure about his and her sinks but would love a wet room.

  2. I like completely white bathrooms. It gives a feeling of cleanliness. We have chrome towel radiators though, which look really good! I've never been a fan of freestanding baths for some reason....