Birthday Celebrations With Moonpig

Unlike every other year, this year being hit by Covid means that we'd had to change, not only how we spend our days, but how we see each other. And like many things, birthdays just haven't been the same as we can't celebrate together, or as we usually would. 

Having a big family means that I usually spend a lot of my time searching for the perfect birthday gifts and constantly on the lookout for what each of my family members would like. From cards right to gifts, each and every person is different and so I like to make sure I cater to what each and every one of them likes.

So shopping online has become the ideal way to find gifts for everyone this year. With the help of Moonpig, buying gifts is even easier as they have a whole range right on their website. Known for their amazing range of ready-made and personalised birthday cards, Moonpig is actually so much more. Thoughtful gifts and bright, beautiful bouquets are available online to accompany their 16,000 cards. 

And for my birthday earlier this month, Moonpig sent me a gift like no other. A whole bunch of goodies from their website, just for me. When 4 huge parcels turned up at my door, it's an understatement to say that I was a tad excited. 

A huge yellow box adorned my door. It was light, and bright and very big, and when I opened it, out flew a gorgeous 'Happy Birthday' balloon. I love this as a gift idea as the 18" balloon is sent ready inflated with helium with a long string and plastic circle balloon weight. A definite surprise for the one who opens the box. 

Two other boxes lovingly sat on top of the biggest, and were calling for me to open them. Inside I found a range of gifts, chose specifically with me in mind. A personalised card, some yummy Thorntons chocolates, a gorgeous scented candle, and the most amazing bottle of Kin toffee vodka. 

And I mean, as a chocoholic, vodka drinker who loves a good scented candle, this was like the perfect bundle for me. This birthday surprise really did bring a smile to my face. 

The last box was the one that I was looking most forward to opening as it was some birthday flowers, which turned out to be the most amazing bouquet of lilies. These bright and vibrant lilies have stunning pink hues and have been hand-arranged by skilled florists. This high-quality arrangement comes hand-wrapped in a sheet of frosted cellophane, and with instructions how to trim the flowers, and how to keep them alive for as long as possible. 

I can honestly say, this has been one of the best surprises I've ever received. The Moonpig range is so extensive that I'll no doubt be able to buy from most of my family for their upcoming birthdays...


  1. I hope you had a great birthday, the vodka sound fab! Luckily, we had a pack of completely blank cards in the house, so we have been making our own cards over lockdown.

  2. How sweet, happy birthday!

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  5. Very cute!! Love the display! And did I read right that your birthday is the 21st, because that's MY birthday!!!! :D what are best birthday decoration ideas at home