11 Quirky DIY Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kids Room

Decorating your child's room can be a really fun project to work on together, and if you use a bit of imagination you can transform a functional bedroom into a space that will allow them to unleash all of their best creative ideas!

These are all ideas that you will be able to create yourself on a small budget, which means that you can really personalise them for your child.

Indoor Teepee
All you’ll need to create a cosy teepee are wooden dowels, some rope, and fabric by the metre in your choice of pattern and colour.

Simply drill holes in one end of each dowel so that you can thread the rope through, stand the dowels in a teepee shape and then secure the frame by firmly wrapping and tying the rope into place. Then drape your fabric over the top of the frame, and fill your teepee with pillows and fairy lights to create a reading nook or just a den.

Book Bin
A book bin is a great way to keep all of your child's books tidy, and also a way for you to encourage them to read widely because you can fill the bin with the books you’d like them to read!

You can make a DIY book bin easily by joining together old pallets that have been sanded and painted, or you could use MDF boards which are available quite cheaply at most DIY shops.

Skateboard Shelves
If you’re looking for a way to put old skateboards to good use, then you can make them into a quirky shelf just by adding some brackets.

Be sure that you get good quality screws and brackets to ensure that your shelf stays securely in place. You can get everything you need at a lower price than a lot of DIY shops through Tradefix Direct.

Birdhouse Lamp
If you paint a wooden bird house and put a bulb inside, you’ll have a cheerful lamp which will add a great feature to a nature themed room.

Artwork Chandelier
At a loss what to do with all of your child’s drawings? Hang them from wooden hoops to create a kind of artwork chandelier!

Plush Animal Mat
If your child really likes animals, then you could make them a plush animal mat of their favourite animal. This will both save their knees from the hard floor, and give them a nice sensory experience for playtime. Plus it adds a feature to a bare floor!

Animal Wall Hooks
By attaching old plastic animals to a piece of board, you can create a fun animal wall hook board for hanging up clothing.
Giant Chalkboard

Encourage creativity by giving your children a huge chalkboard to play with! You can buy chalkboard paint which will allow you to transform any sheet of material into a chalkboard, add a nice frame and you’re done!

Toy Storage Crates
Paint up some wooden boxes or old pallets to create toy storage crates which will both look great and give you somewhere to put all of the toys and clothing that you don’t know what to do with!

Library Wall
This is a great way to use an awkwardly sized bit of wall. Simply put small shelves all the way up the wall at intervals and fill them with books, your child will have a great time looking at all the books in their ‘library’ and this will encourage them to read.

DIY Loft Bed
This DIY loft bed is a great way to both create extra space in your kids room and give them a fun bedtime experience!


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