Getting Winter Ready With Protest

It looks like we're well and truly over the warm months now and the cold weather is here to stay. The clocks have gone back, the nights are darker, and we're all needing to find ways to keep warm on the school run. 

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about mix and match swimwear from Protest, and they're now showing off their new FW20/21 collection, giving me a chance to try out some of their products in the range. This was great timing really as I'd been on the hunt for a new coat that would keep me warm during the winter months, and so I got onto their site to see what I could find.


Can You Really Save Money by Switching to LED Lighting?

When it comes to lighting your home, I'm sure we've all done the same thing before as just popping to the shop and buying the cheapest bulb available without a thought. But did you know that even though that initial outlay seems a lot smaller, it could actually be costing you more in the long run?

I know, it doesn't seem important does it? When you look at your electricity bill as a whole, the cost of lighting wouldn't stand out as something that would cost a lot of money, but if you take a step back and realise just how often you use the lights in your home, and the amount of lights you actually have, they're probably the thing that are used the most.


Financial Planning For The Future

When it comes to planning for the future money worries are what always come in to play first and foremost. The cost of children, marriage, plans for the future, and even death. It's all a worry and can become a weight on the shoulders if it's not thought about and dealt with. 

But there is so much more to life than just money worries, and so here are some ways to help you prepare for the future, so you can live your life today...


Birthday Celebrations With Moonpig

Unlike every other year, this year being hit by Covid means that we'd had to change, not only how we spend our days, but how we see each other. And like many things, birthdays just haven't been the same as we can't celebrate together, or as we usually would. 

Having a big family means that I usually spend a lot of my time searching for the perfect birthday gifts and constantly on the lookout for what each of my family members would like. From cards right to gifts, each and every person is different and so I like to make sure I cater to what each and every one of them likes.


Where Can I Find Wholesale Fabric Suppliers In UK?

Fabric production has been increasingly high for decades. Since it has been used mainly for fashion and home purposes, it is undeniably one of the most used materials around the globe. Nevertheless, fabrics have now been manufactured to become curtains and are now even used for upholstery.

Due to the booming market for upholstery and curtains, people have now been purchasing fabrics in bulk. Buying fabrics in massive quantities tend to provide them discounts, and of course more privilege with suppliers. Fabrics have now become widely used, and customers need to go from one shop to another just to buy unique sets of fabric to satisfy their home essentials.


How Often Do You Test Your Emergency Lights?

Emergency lights are a vital safety feature mandatory in all commercial usage buildings. If the lights suddenly go out in even the most familiar of places, people will become disorientated. Some will panic. A functional emergency light system can help people safely exit a building.

How to Make the Perfect Bathroom

Fed up with staring at dated tiles, leaky taps, and faded lino? Are you dreaming of a bathroom that oozes luxury spa appeal? Many of us are planning to upgrade our bathrooms in the near future and would like to create something special. But where do you start? With so many options available on the market these days, from power showers to full-on wet rooms, it can be overwhelming.

Here’s a few ideas to get your perfect bathroom under way.


Ethical Shopping With Wearth London

When it comes to style, our love or fast fashion and the ease of being able to change up our wardrobes at the drop of a hat might sound ideal, but it really effects the planet, and if you're wanting to be more ethical, choosing brands that are sustainable is the way to go. 

Wearth was launched in 2017 and is the place to be if you're looking for sustainable fashion. Partnering with over 250 independent UK brands that all make contemporary eco-friendly and ethical products, making it easier for you to shop and live more consciously.


11 Quirky DIY Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kids Room

Decorating your child's room can be a really fun project to work on together, and if you use a bit of imagination you can transform a functional bedroom into a space that will allow them to unleash all of their best creative ideas!

These are all ideas that you will be able to create yourself on a small budget, which means that you can really personalise them for your child.

How to make writing essays and articles easier

No matter what stage of life you’re at, chances are at some point you’re going to have to write some kind of article, essay or report. Whether you’re asked to produce a report for work or are studying at college or university, article writing is an essential skill to develop through life. 

Indeed, with the majority of formal business communication being done by email these days, having a clear approach to your writing can pay dividends in all sorts of settings. Here are a few ways you can instantly improve your writing skills and lend structure to your prose:


Five Ways To Invest in Your Travels and Get a Better Experience

Money doesn’t solve all the problems in the world, but it certainly can make our holidays better. While you might enjoy backpacking trips across different countries, there’s always something alluring about having a luxury holiday in one of your favourite destinations. Wading through heat and mud can be charming for some people, but for others, we just want to sit back, relax and enjoy our time away from home.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of ways for you to invest in your travels to get a much better experience.

Enjoy an upgraded flight
If you fly on a regular basis then you’ll be pleased to hear that your miles can often be used for an upgraded flight. This can boost you up to premium economy, business or even first class. While the flight itself is only a small part of the overall holiday, it can be a fantastic way to relax and set the tone for the rest of your adventure abroad. If you don’t collect miles already then we highly recommend you try to stick to the same airline if possible and register an account. It does take a lot of flights to be able to upgrade yourself to a different class, but it’s well worth experiencing it at least once in your life. If you don’t like collecting miles or don’t fly often, then simply booking in advance for a business or first class seat is perfectly fine too.


3 Fantastic French Ski Resorts You Have To See To Believe!

Some places on Earth are blessed by an embarrassment of natural riches and the French Alps definitely falls into this rarefied category. 

With majestic snow-capped mountains that are mother nature’s skyscrapers, lush meadows bursting with wildflowers, rushing streams of ice-cold water, scented steepled pine forests and deep valleys peppered with chocolate box chalets, this idyllic landscape is truly inspirational.


Budget Friendly Shopping At Jack's Supermarket

As a mum of 3 children, I know just how hard it can be to budget when you go shopping, so when I was invited to try out a brand new discount chain store, Jack's Supermarket, I couldn't wait to see how it compared, in quality and budget, and whether I could use their produce to create a lovely recipe for my family. 

Jack's Supermarket may be relatively new but it is actually part of the Tesco family, named after Tesco’s founder Jack Cohen, and now has 12 stores across the country. They're passionate about working with and supporting hundreds of regional farmers, growers and producers. That’s why, 100% of their fresh chicken, fresh lamb and fresh beef are British all year round, and 100% of our fresh milk is British too.

5 Ways To Make Your Property More Appealing To Potential Buyers

When you have planned to sell your sweet home, you indeed need to put in a lot of time and effort to make your property look appealing. Today, people are willing to buy homes in and around Wirral, because of the places’ beauty, serenity, and the proximity to the parks, workplaces, schools, etc. If you are looking for buyers, just go online and search Wirral lets, you will be directed to several sites where you can find potential sellers and buyers to either sell your property or to make your desired purchase with the help of trusted agents. Though such agents are available, at the end of the day it is up to you to make your home look the best to attract genuine customers. If you have no idea what to do, follow these 5 steps to make your
property look more welcoming.