TwelveBelow | The Low Sugar, Low Calorie Tonics

When it comes to enjoying a drink or two of an evening, I must confess that I am super fussy with what I like in my glass. As someone who grew up in pubs, with publican parents, I got to know early on about mixing drinks, what works and what doesn't, and the difference between cheaper and premium drinks. 

For me, I've always loved two spirits, vodka and spiced rum, and which I drink differs based on the mood I'm in. What I drink with them is a whole other ball game though, as I like like my vodka drinks light, but my rum drinks deeper and with a good glug of spiciness.

And as someone who tries to keep my calorie intake in account, it's usually the accompaniments of the spirits that make the drink high in sugar, high calorie, and too sweet. That's until TwelveBelow burst onto the scene and brought out their tonics that are all 100% natural, low sugar and below 12 calories each per serving.

The founders of TwelveBelow were inspired by their surroundings in the Chiltern Hills and developed a collection of natural low sugar tonics which can be paired with a range of spirits or simply enjoyed as a sophisticated standalone drink

TwelveBelow is the UK's first all natural genuinely low sugar tonic, sweetened with a dash of organic agave, 12 calories per 100ml serving and 100% natural so is ideal for those of us who want to enjoy a nice drink, but also want to know that what we're drinking is actually what we want. 

I mean, a lot of companies who produce 'slimline' or 'diet' ranges usually hide their sugar content, and the sweeteners used, but TwelveBelow are here to show that you can create, and drink, high quality tonics without compromising on what's in it. 

The TwelveBelow range comes in 4 gorgeous flavours so there is a choice of which you want...

Classic Premium is the first. Crisp and refreshing but with a citrus twist. Ideal to mix with high end premium spirits as this delicate flavour just helps to boost the flavour of the spirits it mixes with. I am such a tonic lover as I find them so refreshing, even to drink of their own, and so this is definitely a flavour for me.  

The Apple & Garden Mint tonic brings a new level of flavour to the yard. Combining cool and fresh garden mint with juicy red apples, this tonic is my favourite to mix with vodka as it gives the spirit a fresh and sweet take on the norm. The mint gives a cocktail kick and the red apple brings the sweetness, 2 amazing flavours in one bottle. 

For a change up, the Rhubarb & Ginger tonic brings the British taste of earthy rhubarb gently warmed by spicy ginger undertones. Both flavours work perfectly together and mixed with a premium spiced rum, it compliments each other. As rum is my most favourite spirit, I really have enjoyed trying this tonic with it. It's like it has been made for mixing with rum, as the flavours just work so perfectly together. 

If you're a gin lover, then I think the Pear & Cardamom tonic is the one for you. This rich pear tonic water has an aromatic cardamom finish to give a rounded flavour that is such a different from any other. Mix this tonic with a London dry gin to just elevate the flavours even higher. 

I am so loving the range of TwelveBelow tonics and am enjoying how each flavour works so well with different spirits, or even on their own. TwelveBelow is expanding from their online shop now and is now available in many more places. From Yumbles online, to Booths in store. 


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    Margaret Clarkson
    These sound lovely

  2. These sound lovely! Love gin!

  3. All these low sugar foodstuffs do seem to be improving! When they first appeared, they were awful!

  4. Fabulous and low calorie too!

  5. Yum I love a good tonic