How Long Do Mattresses Last?

Mattresses are designed to last for several years which is why they require a significant investment. With the right care and regular turning, your trusty mattress can last you up to ten years. 

Despite this, there are many factors that can influence the lifespan of your mattress and a number of key signs to look out for when deciding whether to replace yours.

Factors that affect the lifespan of a mattress:

● Frequency of use
The more you use a mattress, the shorter its lifespan will be. If you plan to invest in a mattress for your home, consider whether it will be used daily in your main bedroom or whether it will be a spare bed with only occasional use. While a mattress used daily may start to show signs of wear quicker, it is still important to invest in a high-quality mattress to ensure it supports you and offers the best chance at a good nights sleep.

To make sure your new mattress is going to last you for several years and not deteriorate quickly, you should always make sure it comes with a trial period and/or a guarantee. Simba Sleep offers all their customers a 200 night trial period where you can try the mattress for yourself, sleep on it as normal and make a decision about whether it suits your individual sleeping routine.

● Bodyweight
Of course, the heavier you are, the quicker your mattress will start to sag or become deformed no matter its quality or material. To help prevent your mattress from sagging, make sure you find one that is the right firmness and tension for your body weight. People over sixteen stone will need a firmer mattress to support this, otherwise, you can end up with your mattress not having the necessary technology.

● Care
On top of the frequency that you use your mattress and your body weight, the level of care you provide your mattress will also affect its lifespan. You should clean your mattress regularly using wipes or a hoover to get rid of any dust before allowing it to air out without a sheet on.

Using a mattress topper is another way to protect your mattress from any potential food, drink or other debris that may be spilt while also providing extra comfort. To protect your mattress further, try to avoid letting kids jump on the bed or your animals sleeping on the bed with you as this can add unnecessary weight and cause deformities over time.

Key signs that you need a new mattress:
● Sagging
● Stains and smells
● Lumps
● Allergies
● Aches and pains
● Age

The lifespan of different mattresses:
- Pocket spring - 7 to 8 years
- Memory foam - 10 years
- Latex - 15 years
- Mattress-in-a-box hybrids - 10 years

Simba’s hybrid mattresses come with a strict ten-year guarantee so, should you find that your mattress has let you down at any point or it sags prematurely, you can simply swap it for a brand new one with no hassle.


  1. We bought a new, firm memory foam mattress a couple of years ago and we love it!

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    Thanks for the info Michael, and you said it right that allergy is one of the signs to change the mattress, few days back, i was having skin irritation and was wondering the reason behind it. After thinking a lot, i changed my mattress and finally got relief from itching. One more thing, on that shop i got my eyes on bedding section, and bought an 18 inch bed skirt, its fabric is finest. Do you have any tips on how should i maintain its cleanliness?