Garden Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Over the past 12 years of living in our home, we have spent a small fortune on renovating the inside. New bathroom, downstairs W.C. windows and doors, as well as decorating the rooms, just leaving the kitchen to be done next year. But what has been neglected the most, is the garden. 

Even though it's probably the space w use most of all during the summer months, we just hadn't thought about how it can be changed to fit for us. So over the next few month, we'll be saving, and deciding how we really want it to look once complete, ready for our landscaper to come and sort the whole thing. 

Whether you're looking for a overhaul of your outdoor space, or just some little aspects that could do with some love, here are some of the things he asked us to think about, for what we want from our garden...

Get your lawn into shape
One of the main parts of your garden usually ends up being your lawn, and if it isn't up to scratch, it can make your whole garden look unfinished. Having a luscious lawn will set your entire garden on the right track. And remember, it doesn't have to be a rectangle – try an oval, circle, square or oblong shape. A good quality strimmer and mower are ideal to give a good cut, and doing it regularly to keep your grass a nice length. I also have a hose and try to water my lawn a couple of times a week (when it's not raining, that is), and always on an evening when the sun has gone in, to keep my lawn hydrated. 

Beautiful paving
Paving can really make or break the look of your garden. The colour and style of your paving should be in keeping with your house and the design of your garden. Old council style concrete paving slabs might be cheaper to purchase, but don't look as good as say, a quality Indian Stone, or the handmade slabs we've been looking at, and usually aren't that much cheaper once you factor in the install. Also take in to account how it will be laid. Our garden will be having paving in an 'L' shape and will have a straight edge down the side towards the gate, but the other side will be curved where it meets the lawn. This will give a more smooth finish with no harsh line to it. 

The furniture
When it comes to garden furniture, it;s best to go for something higher quality that will last. It's likely that it may be caught out in the rain some time and so making sure you've gone for something that is protected from the elements is paramount. For smaller gardens and patios, folding furniture might be the best option as it can be put away when not in use, giving you that much needed space back. For us though, once our patio is completed, we'll be opting for luxury rattan furniture with a full-on seating set for the main aspect of our garden, and maybe a sun lounger towards the side of the garden, when the most sun hits. 

Plan your planting
Planting flowers in your garden can either look totally effortless, or a big mess. The best garden designs usually have a well thought out flowering area that blooms year round. Start with some structural plants along the back line. The ones that are usually taller, and give a border to your garden, and then infill with pretty flowers that are bright and summery. Try to stick to similar sorts of flowers, and colours too, arranged in a repeated pattern to give some coordination to your garden. 


  1. Some great ideas thanks!

  2. Great post! We have 3 seating areas in our small garden with a bistro set in each. Then we can choose which to sit at depending on where the sun is and wind direction etc...