Forming a Closer Bond With Your Partner

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No matter how close you are with your partner or how long you’ve been together, making time to strengthen your bonds and become even more intimate can always be beneficial!

For couples hoping to grow closer, there are many simple things you can do to make a change. If you need a bit of extra help, there’s no shame in looking into online couples therapy where an expert can guide you back to each other.

I take a look at the best ways you can start forming closer, more meaningful bonds with your partner!

Be Curious
It can be easy to fall into a mundane routine where you have the same conversations over and over again without seeming to move forward. Asking questions and being curious can do a lot if you’re hoping to build a deeper connection.

Asking open-ended questions can be a simple but effective way of helping you delve into more varied conversations. You might be surprised by what comes up!

Being enthusiastic and curious will help you discover things you never knew about each other. You may end up opening the door to a mutual interest or shared opinion that you never knew about.

Asking and answering genuine, thoughtful questions is one of the best ways to build emotional intimacy as a couple!

Try Something New
Whether it a trip you’ve always wanted to take or even just a meal you’ve always wanted to make together, try something new!

Taking on new adventures and challenges together is a sure-fire way to get closer. Doing something especially exciting or adrenaline-filled can help build up the quality of your relationship.

Getting too comfortable and static in an everyday routine will prevent you from having new experiences and making unforgettable, relationship-defining memories.

This isn’t to say that every activity you do together should be an extravagant affair! Making time for each other is the most important thing.

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Express Appreciation
We can sometimes forget how important it is to show our love and affection in an obvious way. Expressing your appreciation for your partner and everything they do for you is a great way to build a lasting connection.

Every relationship will be different, and every couple will express their appreciation and affection to various degrees. Getting to know your partner’s love language will also be important in this regard. Make sure you can recognise the moments where they are expressing appreciation and vice versa.

Make Playlists for Each Other
Music can be an instant mood booster, and what’s better than receiving a personalised playlist from a loved one?

As a modern-day mix-tape, a special playlist can be an opportunity to share something you love with your partner while also showing how well you know them.

Music preferences can be extremely personal, and a good song with meaning or significance behind it can add a new layer of closeness to your relationship!

Write Love Letters
Like making a customised playlist, writing love letters to each other can be a really lovely way to reconnect.

It may sound cheesy, but having the physical evidence that you are loved and appreciated by your other half can do wonders for feeling more connected and secure!

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Spend Time with Mutual Friends
Spending time together with friends and other couples has been shown to be another great bond-boosting activity.

This provides another opportunity to have some great conversations that may open doors for you as a couple. Larger gatherings can also help make you feel more like a team; the two of you can become united in these kinds of group settings.

Have Common Goals
If it feels like you and your partner are moving in the same direction, you are more likely to form stronger connections.

Plans for the future that involve each other and align with each other dreams will draw you closer together in the long run.

Relationship Counselling
Despite what many people might think, couples counselling does not mark the end of a dying relationship. Getting advice from a professional does not signify a last-ditch effort to save your relationship but can be a positive experience that will help you maintain and work towards a successful relationship.

A couples’ therapist will be able to help you build your emotional intimacy levels together and give you the tools you need when trying to achieve stronger bonds!

Do you have any bond-strengthening tips?


  1. Great advice! I find helping each other in their respective hobbies helps. My wife loves making clothes, and in these days of downloadable patterns, she gets me to print them off and stick them together. And sometimes trace parts off onto dressmakers tracing paper. That's because I'm a draughtsman though!

  2. Some good points thanks!

  3. Good advice, thank you