5 Tips for Finding a Reputable Plumber

Finding a reputable plumber may seem like an easy task at first, but when you are stuck with a bust kitchen pipe, things may get a little bit out of hand. Chances are that there are many plumbers in your area, but how can you tell which company is reputable?

Choosing a reputable plumbing company like bollanoplumbers.co.uk will give you the assurance you need. Finding a reputable plumber may be difficult, but here are some ideas to make your search easier. While finding a professional plumber may take a lot of your time, finding one will save you costs on unnecessary and repeated repairs.

When looking for a reputable plumber, check that they have a website that is regularly updated, licensed, and will not burden you with hidden charges. You should also check that they offer a warranty on their services.

Check that they have a website
These days, it is easier to spot an unprofessional company by checking if they have a website and not just that, but one that is maintained. While a company website may give you some level of safety, there are many scam company websites looking to prey on you. Also, having a website is just not enough. Ensure that it is regularly updated with new information such as tips and helpful information.

Ensure they are licensed
This should be the first thing to check when looking for a plumber. Considering there are many quacks, you might want to check to see if they are licensed - this includes all tradesmen. Confirm that the plumbing company you choose is licensed to provide the service by requesting for it. Some plumbers already have their licenses and safety certificates on their websites. A plumber with a license is more likely to have the required skills to do a good job.

Go for an established Plumbing company
An established plumbing company is legal, has the license for plumbing, and is more likely to have skilled plumbers. Reputable plumbing companies are easy to find, but they may cost a little more than an unknown company. This is not to suggest that small plumbing companies can't do the job as well as the larger known plumbing companies. An experienced plumbing company will give you better assurance, especially if your plumbing problems are a little complicated.

Customer service
A reputable plumbing company should have excellent customer service. Phone calls must be answered warmly and in a friendly way. The customer service representative of the company must be helpful. Their customer service is a reflection of how the company is run and how they handle their work.

This may be the easiest way to tell if a plumber is reputable. Ask the plumbing company to share their references. This is important because you need assurance and the best way to get it is by talking to their previous clients. A reputable company is more likely to share their reference. Also, search for reviews about the plumbing company you choose online.


  1. The plumber we have used for years is now approaching retirement, but luckily a plumber moved in across the road from us a couple of years ago!

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    Margaret Clarkson
    Good advice, thank you.

  3. Hello Michaela,

    It is nice to read about how to get reputable plumber as such I also need the plumber for my kitchen and one of my known plumber return to their hometown, So, i have lot of difficultis to find a best plumber. But, now, it is easy for me because one of my neighbour is learning about the plumbing courses.

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