4 Tips To Moving Home With Ease

Moving house can be stressful and can lead to many issues with timings, arguments and it can be easy super to forget something essential which you later realise you've missed. Moving is one of the biggest things you might ever have to do, and having to move one whole houses content to another can mean having some hurdles to just through, so here are a couple of tips to moving home with ease...

Get organised
Don;t leave everything until the last minute. Leaving everything just means stress when you're actually moving and so getting organised early will help your move go much more smoothly. Things you should consider doing before moving day are:
  • Make a to do list as this will help you work out what you need to prioritise and what can wait. 
  • Create an inventory of everything you need to take with you. And make sure you know exactly where everything will be going once you get to the new home. 
  • Book time off work so you have enough time to complete the move. 
  • Prepare kids and pets for the move as it can be so stressful for them too with this new upheaval. Maybe it would be beneficial to ask a friend or family member to help you out and look after them whilst you are moving.
Use storage
Your new house may well need some renovations or just some redecorating for it to feel like home. You could be planning to knock walls down, re-purpose existing room, or just carpeting throughout and need to free up the space. You'll find it much easier to get everything done without having to move all of your furniture. Even more so if you're thinking of moving further afield, to another county, for instance. It's an idea to take the essentials with you, and store almost everything else with a storage company, such as Now Storage self storage in Newbury so that you can get on with the job at hand, and go collect your belongings once sorted. 

Donate unwanted items
One of the biggest realisations I found when moving home, was just how much stuff I'd accumulated that I no longer used. When it comes to moving home, it's so important to get rid of any unwanted items before the move, otherwise you're just moving boxes from your old home to your new home with things you don't need. Save yourself time and energy by getting rid of these items, either to a charity shop, friends and family, or even sell it online. 

Pack an essentials box
The worst thing about moving home is getting to the new house, eventually sitting down to have a cuppa, and not remembering which box holds the kettle, the cups, or the coffee. I think it's best to make sure you have an overnight bag with all your personal essentials inside for the first night, and then an extra box with items that you may need for the first day or so. A fresh change of clothes, toiletries, phone chargers etc are useful to have so that you can easily access them when your new home is filled with moving boxes!

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  1. Great tips! We looked after our friend's young daughter for a couple days when they moved, and it helped them no end.
    My wife and I both had a house when we first met, She sold hers first and put her stuff into storage while we bought a new house, again making things much easier.