What Does it Take to Be An Effective School Leader?

Without an effective leader, school students are unlikely to reach their full potential, both academically and on a personal level. When looking for a new school for your child, no matter their age, it is important to consider the leadership and their priorities. Do these priorities line up to your own? You may be wondering what it takes to be an effective leader, and therefore what it takes to help young people grow up to be successful, happy and healthy individuals. Read on for some further information.

Joanna Wright, leader of a senior school in Surrey, has stated in a recent interview that schools have had to be very creative this year to ensure students have still received the best possible education despite the global pandemic. It has been a challenging time for all educators and the trick has been for them to keep in contact with the school community wherever possible. It has been more important than ever to provide parents with clarity and reassurance where possible, even when Government rules have changed so frequently. How has your child’s school handled the pandemic? Do you think communication has been the best it can be?

Mrs. Wright believes other traits of a good leader are things like wisdom and integrity, without ego or entitlement, to ensure appropriate changes are made and communication is at its finest throughout the school year. Having the courage and patience to take risks and see things through until the end are crucial for issues such as poor behaviour or underperformance.

Being passionate and having an active interest in every child is an important element of a holistic approach to leadership and teaching. It ensures that every child leaves the school with not only the knowledge they have learned, but also an understanding of how they have learned it. It also allows them to build life-long friendships and have the ability to make sensible decisions as an adult.


  1. I think you respect more a school that has good leaders that encourage great learning. Defintely more reassuring.

  2. A good post thanks!

  3. I was lucky in that all the schools I attended had very good teachers and Headmasters!

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