Using Astronomy In Decor - A Desenio Prints Review

What compels you to view the night sky? The other night, I was out taking a night walk around the area we live. The world around me was at rest. In the distance, I could hear birds calling into the night. The air had that slightly cool, slightly moist feel that it gets at this time of year. It was quiet, and clear, you could see the into the sky for what looked like forever. 

I adore stargazing. On the best nights, I find myself in a reflective mood, whether I've gone out to a field to experience the whole sky, or am just looking into the darkness from our garden. It's amazing to think all all that is out there in the sky, most that you cannot even see, but what you can see makes for the perfect scene. 
My children also have a love for the sky, for the world around them, and all to do with astronomy. We regularly lay in our garden and watch the stars, or find need nestled into a book about stars, the galaxy, the world. They thrive on learning and always devour books about space.

So, as you can imagine, when having a look at beautiful prints from Desenio, I couldn't wait to pick out some prints for our home. And they all ended up being of a space, astronomical and planetary theme. I've followed, and loved, Desenio for a while, lusting after many of their prints, and so getting to actually pick some out was just perfect. 
Founded in 2010, Desenio have gone from strength to strength, and now have a range of prints, frames, hangers, picture ledges and clips, all which are sure to bring some much needed atmosphere to your room. Their site is so easy to use too. Just search the plethora of prints, and once you've decided, it will then ask if you need a frame, with a choice of many colours, to suit the room you're designing. 

T was already having his new bedroom renovated. He's always shared with his brothers, but as he is getting older, and starting high school in a few month, we decided now was the best time to move his bedroom. After renovating the whole room, he picked out his favourite prints - the moon, the Earth, and a print of the world map in watercolour were ones he loved. The perfect room, and prints, for a soon to be teenage boy, who is obsessed with space. 
For my bedroom, I knew I wanted a couple of astronomy prints and Desenio didn't disappoint. The golden moon phases print in gold and grey makes a great addition to my room and shows off every aspect of the moon. I personally love the moon as it seems to bring its presence when you are outside, and inside for that matter. The moon is so powerful, I'm sure it's not just me who feels differently whenever there's a full moon.
The zodiac print is also a favourite of mine. As a Libra, I adore high art and this print is one that matches with me. My obsession with symmetry meant I had to match this with the moon print, to coordinate in my bedroom. I was glad to see it was in keeping with the original 12 Zodiac signs, as even though it has recently been explained that the constellation, Ophiuchus, should be a 13th Zodiac, for me personally, I have all the traits of a Libra, and none of the Virgo that I would be under the new 13 Zodiacs. 
The sights, sounds and even scents of a perfect starry night make me feel a part of the greater cosmos like nothing else. And now, when I can't see the stars, I can look at our beautiful prints and remember just how amazing the galaxy around us is. 


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