The Importance of Pastoral Care in Schools

Every school requires a pastoral care department to help maintain the community spirit and ensure every child is happy and reaching their full potential. It’s a complicated aspect of any school and shares many similarities with parenting, other than the fact that it involves taking care of hundreds of kids rather than just a few. As such, thorough policies and procedures must be in place to ensure the pastoral care is successful. Every school will have a unique approach, but the fundamental goals of pastoral carers are always the same; to ensure every child prospers, both academically and personally. I have teamed up with an independent school in Surrey to explore in further detail the importance of pastoral care.

One of the key aims of pastoral care is to provide a safe environment where every student is given an equal opportunity to achieve success. Children who behave poorly in lessons will be handled appropriately to ensure that they do not disturb the rest of their classmates or affect their own education in the long term. Pastoral carers must ensure that every child is engaged with their learning journey and able to build and maintain strong friendships. Their unique needs must be taken care of at all times. In other words, if a child is being bullied, the pastoral team will take care of it. If a child is struggling with some issues in their personal/home life, the pastoral team will ensure it doesn’t affect their school life or their general wellbeing.

A child’s form tutor is usually their primary pastoral carer, as they provide a bridge between school and home life. They will see your child everyday and will be able to keep an eye on their performance in lessons, the relationships they build with their peers and generally whether or not they seem happy and well-adjusted. Without this level or care within a school, it is unlikely that children will be able to successfully cope with and resolve any problems they face, especially if these problems are quite serious.

If the pastoral care department has been successful in their pursuit, students should graduate the school with the key skills required to thrive in the next stage of their life. This doesn’t just refer to their grades, but also their ability to deal with social interactions, problem solving and other challenges that life will inevitably throw their way from time to time. If you have any concerns about your child, in terms of their performance at school or their physical or emotional well-being, the pastoral care team should be contacted as soon as possible so that they can provide prompt assistance.


  1. I wish pastoral care had been in schools when I was there, I have now been diagnosed with high-functioning autism, but school was awful, I was bullied for being a bit different and really suffered with poor mental health

  2. Schools have changed alot sice I was there!

  3. Another useful and informative post, thank you!