The best family holiday destinations in 2020

After an eventful year, to say the least, many families will be keen to explore holiday destinations for this year and beyond. Deciding on travel items and essentials is hard if you don't know where you're off to. There are so many options to choose from, too.

A holiday is a vitally important activity for a family. Not only does a family holiday create memories, but it can help establish lasting relationships and enable various family members to bond. It can also be educational, allowing your children to experience a different culture and a way of life, therefore making them more aware of the world and the different types of people on our planet. The benefits are endless, not least for us parents too. With many prime holiday hotspots offering childcare and the option for parents to switch off fully, a holiday can be beneficial for everyone.

So, to help provide you with some holiday planning inspiration ahead booking your family getaway, we thought we'd run through some of the best and most popular destinations already this year.

Jamaica has it all, especially when it comes to entertaining the whole family. Whether you're keen to swim with dolphins, experience rapid waterfalls, or want to relax by the pool with a pontoon card game available online, Jamaica has a lot to offer. A country with a rich musical heritage, Jamaica has beautiful beaches which is why so many people flock there throughout the year, where you can take in the relaxing vibes and enjoy some of the country's delicious rum. Simply put, Jamaica is a tropical paradise and a Caribbean island capable of providing you and your family with the perfect holiday. 

Cornwall, England
A family holiday can be had domestically too, with staycation's proving hugely popular at the moment. A popular destination for Brits is Cornwall, thanks to its variety of vibes and its beautiful coastline. From the likes of the peaceful town of St Ives to the surfers' paradise of Newquay, Cornwall has plenty on offer. Whether you're keen to learn surfing, want to explore the rock pools or camp in the wild, then Cornwall will have you covered. Not only is it a lovely part of England, but Cornwall's reputation around the world is picking up pace too.

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand
Koh Yao Noi in Thailand offers sun and fun at an affordable price, especially when you're there. Travels costs aren't too kind on the wallet, but a range of activities can be enjoyed at an affordable price once you get there. The island has long, sandy beaches, water-sports activities and delicious restaurants, making it a popular destination for families.

Kotor, Montenegro

An up and coming location, particularly for families, Kotor in Montenegro is relatively quiet compared to most other tourist destinations, with sandy and pebble beaches sprinkled all along the country's amazing Adriatic coast. Sights to see include Kotor's old town, several stunning national parks and lakes, alongside the city's lovely architecture. If you're keen to experience foreign cuisine, Kotor has many excellent restaurants to try traditional grub at too. Kotor can be enjoyed for a fraction of the price when compared to several other destinations too, which is another key reason why Montenegro's reputation is growing.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
Another destination with a growing reputation, the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia is known for its natural beauty thanks to its array of beaches, its picturesque coastline, its cities rich in history, alongside its hiking options for the family. If you're after an adventure holiday, then look no further than the Dalmatian Coast.

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