Advice On Hiring Gardeners And Contractors

Whether your garden requires simple weeding or general cleanup, you've got to find the right gardener to help tidy your green space. 

First, decide the exact kind of work that you want to do. Gardeners provide a wide range of services which typically depend on their levels of training and years of experience. While some gardeners specialise in general maintenance of existing garden designs, others focus on tree surgery, landscaping, or long-term planning.

Search for local garden services near me for online customer reviews, photographs, and business descriptions to find individuals or businesses that provide your required gardening and landscaping work.

You may like to find out if your gardener possesses professional qualifications. There are several schemes such as HND, NVQ, RHS, and NPTC that gardeners can join to enhance their skills and boost their career path. 

Nevertheless, gardening as a career goes beyond the theoretical aspect. Your gardeners must not only be physically fit to perform hard work; they should be skilled in handling tools. And, not least, they should be reliable. 

Ask For References 
A professional gardener should find it easy to submit written testimonials or give you contact details of former clients. 

Get Quotes 
It is advisable to request at least three quotes from gardening and landscaping contractors. 

Most gardeners usually quote for simple jobs like lawn mowing or hedge trimming over the telephone. You should give them a detailed description of the nature of the work and the size of the area. Let them know whether the lawn or hedge is overgrown or not. 

A good gardener should visit your property for a quick survey to help them to present an accurate quote and see the unique features of the garden. After all, no two gardens are the same. Make sure the quote is in writing and is accompanied by the detailed component of the work that the gardener submits. 

You must discuss the scope and timeframe of the work with your gardener and clarify how long the job will be. For a regular job, specify the days and time the work should take. Also, you need to conclude on how to pay for the required goods like seeds, plants, and compost. Decide whether to pay for the items separately or at once. 

How Much Does Gardening Maintenance Cost? 
Most gardeners charge for garden maintenance by the hour. 

The workload in the garden primarily will determine how frequently the gardener will visit, either fortnightly or monthly. Regular maintenance of your garden is a cost-effective way of preventing overgrown weeds and ensuring a clean environment. You should anticipate paying about £25 per man-hour. Gardeners who handle big jobs usually have a fixed quote, some of which are valid for a limited time. 

Some contractors belong to some professional bodies which screen their members and offer them regular training. These bodies usually guarantee the competence and trustworthiness of their members. They also address grievances and resolve issues between gardeners and their clients. 

However, it is worthy of note that some competent local contractors are not members of these professional bodies due to the financial costs that they can't bear.


  1. We have made changes to our garden to make it easier to maintain, while at the same time growing fruit and having bee friendly plants. So we do everything ourselves.

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    Good advice, thank you.