How To Protect Your Hair In Summer

Between the sun, sea and sand, our hair in the summer gets a pretty rough deal and can be left feeling dry, limp and really brittle. So before you think of trying to pop to the beach with loose beach waves, be sure to read my summer hair care tips to make sure you're protecting your hair from the elements.

Cover Up
Covering your hair is one of the best ways to stop those rays from damaging your locks. Use a scarf or hat to cover your head when you're out in the sun. Not only does this provide extra UV protection, but it also helps your scalp to retain moisture which is so important in the hot and dry sun. It sounds obvious, but wearing a hat, or something to cover your head, keeps your hair protected from damage caused by direct sunlight, and you can get so many glam ones at the moment. Especially oversized ones which will also protect your shoulders from burning, and the sun out of your eyes, at the same time. 

Wash Less Often
Frequent washing strips your head and hair of its natural oils, which in turn stimulates additional oil production and makes you feel the need to wash it even more. This is a problem I am currently trying to get out of. My hair feels greasy quite quickly at the moment, and that is down to over-washing. So, instead of always reaching for the shampoo, try rinsing with cool water after a beach day to get rid of excess oil, or use a dry shampoo to help.

Use Hydrating Shampoo And Conditioner
If your hair is feeling dry and damaged, then maybe it's time to consider looking into whether you're using the right products on it. There are so many shampoo and conditioners available, that it's always best to look for the ones that are best suited for you when you're packing your holiday essentials. When it's Summer, opting for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is a sure fire way to bring back some added moisture to your hair. And if you finish with a pea sized amount of hair oil or serum through the ends, it'll really work wonders on sun-parched locks.

Use A Hair Mask
Most of us agree that a nourishing hair mask makes the hair feel just so amazing. I try to apply one once a week at home, and it does really keep my hair in good condition. Before a holiday, use a pre-shampoo treatment and a nourishing hair mask to give your hair a good looking after before you travel. Using a hair mask is even more important if you want to keep your bleached hair maintained to stop the dryness, and keep hair feeling silky smooth. 

Give Your Hair The Salon Treatment
With more salons offering conditioning treatments this is the easiest way to sort your hair's condition out whilst getting your roots done before you travel anywhere. What's more, the salon will be the best place to get the best treatment for your hair, and they are the ones who know exactly what they're doing. You could even get a mobile hair stylist to visit you at home, for an extra bit of pampering. A good trim will get rid of those dry ends, a treatment, and maybe come away with a product or two, to help you keep your hair in tip top condition throughout the summer months.


  1. My wife lets her hair dry naturally, which helps, but she won't wear a hat!

  2. I alway swear a hat in the sun, cant cope with the heat

  3. Joanne21:25

    Thanks for fantastic tips

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