How To Look After Children's Teeth

The importance of children's teeth cannot be understated, and I think a lot of parents don't understand the importance until too late. Establishing a good oral health routine sooner rather than later is a great way to teach children good habits and is a huge benefit for their general health and well-being also.

There are many ways in which you can look after your children's teeth - it's easier than you might think too. It's just a case of starting early and persisting. Here are a couple of ways to help look after your children's teeth, from the expert and family-friendly dentists at Vallance Dental Centre.

Start brushing early
As soon as your child's milk teeth begin to appear, start cleaning twice a day as that will help them get used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. To be honest, you don't have to use a toothbrush at this age, just a clean finger and gentle rubbing, is a good way to keep those first teeth clean, and get your baby used to this habit.

Choose the right toothpaste
Using a fluoride toothpaste is just as important for children, as it is for adults. It strengthens tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. For younger children, up to the age of 3, it's best to use a smear of toothpaste with 1000ppm (parts per million) fluoride, and above this age a pea sized amount of toothpaste containing between 1,350ppm and 1,500ppm fluoride. Children can use adult toothpaste too, but it's best to try a few out as some can be quite strong in flavour, which is why children's options are available. 

And don't rinse toothpaste
When your child has finished brushing their teeth (and you as well, for that matter) you should only spit out after brushing and don't rinse your mouth – if you rinse, the fluoride won't work as well. It's best to teach children to spit it out from an early age so they don't wash away that much needed fluoride. 

Choose the correct size toothbrush
You've probably walked down the health isle at the supermarket and seen the plethora of toothbrushes available, and that's because there are different sizes available, and this is something that needs to be thought about when purchasing for children. As with a standard brush, it is important to select the right size and style for your child. You will need a toothbrush with a child-sized head so that it fits properly in your child's mouth and can reach all the way to the back teeth comfortably. For younger children and toddlers, be sure to select soft bristles, which are gentler on gums and especially recommended if your little one is still cutting new teeth.

Choose a powered toothbrush 
Electric and battery powered toothbrushes tend to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush. They can also make it easier to reach tricky spots like the back teeth. By removing more plaque from your child's teeth, you're reducing the risk of tooth decay. 

For J, we were sent this Colgate kids Batman battery powered toothbrush which is ideal for him. The Batman design appeals to his love of superheroes, and the extra soft bristles makes for a comfortable brush. It is 3 years plus in size so fits his mouth well, and the small oscillating head gently cleans his teeth, removing plaque and protecting his gums. 

The toothbrush itself is super easy for a child to use. The simple on/off switches are easy to press, and the gentle pulse gives a good clean throughout the mouth. Because J is still only young, I always go over his teeth after he has done them, and have found that he's getting a lot better at cleaning his whole mouth now he's using a powered toothbrush.

Having good dental hygiene from a young age is super important and so starting out with some simple steps is the ideal way to make sure children follow in the right footsteps and protect their teeth into adulthood.

*This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own*


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