How Much Value Does a New Bathroom Add to My House?

It's one of the key questions of any house purchase: "how many bathrooms?" The answer matters to prospective buyers, and as time has passed, one bathroom has gone from the norm to a relic of dated 20th century housing. As a result of this, additional bathrooms are now one of the most popular ways of adding value to a home. It may be popular, but that doesn't always mean it's a smart move. Do bathrooms really add significant value to a property, and if so, how much?

How Much Value

Generally, additional bathrooms are agreed to add around £12,000 (5%) onto the value of a house, but this sum can vary based on the quality of the bathrooms. Cracked tiling, limescale and grime in the original bathroom will decrease the monetary benefit of a second one. On top of this, the scale of the additional bathroom has significant bearing on the amount of value it will add. This means that, while minor bathrooms located under the stairs will add some value, a loft converted into a grand family bathroom will dwarf that figure dramatically.

The Costs

Bathrooms can definitely increase a house's value, but the amount you stand to benefit depends on a number of factors including how much work (and therefore money) is needed to complete the job. Therefore, it's important to consider the potential costs of an additional bathroom before you make a decision.

Transforming an existing space into a bathroom can cost anywhere between £1,500 - £6,000; if an extension is needed to house the new bathroom, however, that figure can increase tenfold. Likewise, the quality of the new bathroom will also affect how expensive it is. While luxurious bathrooms-with high-quality materials and stylish aesthetic choices-are more appealing to buyers and will help increase your house's value, they will undoubtedly set you back more than a standard bathroom. When the potential for increased value sits around £12,000, it's worth considering whether an expensive bathroom is worth the investment.

Non-Monetary Value

As mentioned, bathrooms are one of the key selling-points of a house. Having a second (or even third) bathroom, especially an attractive one, can work wonders for drawing in the attention of buyers. A small secondary bathroom is great for homes that host parties or frequently entertain guests. An en suite, on the other hand, can give parents of large families some much needed privacy. If you're struggling to sell your property, or are concerned about how it will compete on the property market, adding a bathroom can be a fantastic way to get the edge over your competition.

Alternatively, evaluating your house marketing efforts or working on improving the existing bathroom(s) can potentially achieve the same result without the investment of installing an all-new bathroom. If you're in a particular hurry to sell and are eager to make your property as market-viable as possible, consider instead consulting with a residential house buyer like LDN Properties who will buy your house quickly, conveniently and for a simple cash sum.

The Danger of Downstairs

Be careful if you're looking to add a downstairs bathroom: you might be making a big mistake. According to research conducted by Direct Line Insurance, a downstairs family bathroom is toxic to the value and overall appeal of a property. The study states that a main bathroom located downstairs can knock around £13,500 (6%) off a house's value. Additionally, 23 million people claim that they wouldn't consider buying a house if its main bathroom was downstairs. Put simply, save your ambitious bathroom for upstairs or suffer the consequences.

Final Word

Installing a new bathroom is one of many ways you can increase the value of a house and don't forget to comply with all Building Regulations requirements when doing any alterations. It may not be the most cost-efficient in terms of pure return-on-investment, but the bonus non-monetary appeal-especially for families-will see the attention that comes your property's way seriously increase. As long as your main bathroom is located upstairs and any existing ones are of a high quality, an additional bathroom is almost always a good investment.


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