Choosing The Right Backdrop For Photos

When it comes to taking photographs, it isn't just all about the subject matter - the background is just an important and can make or break your photos. There are so many different types of backgrounds and then more and more choices once you start making decisions on type such as size, texture and colour, and it can be overwhelming, especially when you think about how you actually want your photo to look,and the aesthetics you are going for.

Take this bake, for example, I've used 3 different backgrounds throughout this post, and all give another dimension to the item being photographed. The grey gives a plain base and makes the subject stand out, the black marble gives moodiness to the design, and the red makes aspects of the photo pop with colour. 

Your Background Is Important
Put your subject in front of a super busy scene and it takes the focus off of your subject, not to mention that it can sometimes create mergers. Your background should not have a bunch of distractions and should help focus attention on your subject. But also, you've got to think about your subject at hand. If you're looking for Children Birthday Backdrop for Photography then it may be suitable to have some fancy patterns, bright colours, and be a bit more themed as sometimes a background can add context to your image.

Keep It Simple
Looking out for simplified backgrounds, like the side of a building or wall, or angling the shot so that the sky or ground is the backdrop is a great way to get a nice background whilst outdoors. But inside, you can get all sorts of styled backgrounds from places such as Kate backdrop which have a plethora of options, colours and designs. Looking for ways to use the background to enhance your photo's composition can help you to choose the best backgrounds for your images. This will provide a simplified background, and help to ensure that nothing distracts from the subject.

Look For Contrasting Colours
A contrasting background can help to draw the focus onto your subject. It's best to avoid colours that clash and conflict, and tones that don't compliment your subject matter. People usually opt for either black or white backgrounds as these can really make the colour pop in your subject, but I also like using aspects of the colours in the subject and bringing them out by matching them to the background. For instance, I have used a red background in this photo to coordinate with the red of the jam in the raspberry crumble slices, and it really helps to blend the photo. 

Keep moving
Sometimes, finding the right background is just a matter of perspective. If you can't seem to find the right shot at first glance, try shifting your angle higher or lower, or moving your subject a little bit to the left or the right until it gives the ideal shot for you. 

But most of all, have fun with it. Takes photos can bring a whole new arm to your expertise, and it's such a fun way to explore depth of field, your surroundings and the way our eyes see things different due to perspective and background. 


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