Finding A Good Quality Wine Is Easy With Independent Wines

You know what it's like, you pop to the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine, and then you get to the alcohol isle to be met with rows of generic branded wine, and don't have a clue which are meant to be any good, or which you should be getting to pair with your meal. 

Enter, Independent Wine which is an online store, who bring exceptional wine to the forefront for those of us who want that top notch wine but don't have the time to search for it. Their online range is made up of a hand-picked selection of some UK exclusive and award winning wines, all of outstanding quality.


A Guide To Cleaning For First Time Parents

You've got the plan. You're ploughing through pregnancy, and will soon be going through labour and then the delivery, and then be ready to go home and for family life to really begin. Once you're home though, you might feel like you have no idea what you're doing. 

Once you become a parent, the mess is never-ending, and that's why us parents need those tips from adults who have already done this parenting lark, to give us some cleaning tips for first time parents on how to keep the house going, when you've got a whole new person in your home, taking up every minute you have available.


4 home improvements you might overlook

As the sun blisters the pavement and temperatures soar to thermostat-busting heights, this might seem like the perfect opportunity to laze in the garden and work up a tan. But the sun won’t last for long and, when Britain’s usual weather resumes, you’ll be trapped in your piddling house before you know it.

That’s why this is the ideal time to pick up your tools and start some much-needed home beautification.

The rest of this blog will dedicate itself to pointing out a few nooks and crannies in your house that might need improving, those aspects of your home that seemed destined to go untouched by your DIY-eye.

How to find time to workout when you have a baby?

Having a baby is one of the most challenging and gruelling periods of your life. You are suddenly left in-charge of this tiny little human who you now must provide for, whilst feeling like you’ve just been hit by a bus. And, don’t even get me started on the hormones!

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind, but safely and carefully reintroducing a workout regime, once you feel ready to of-course, will not only help you to lose any baby weight you might have gained, but can also help with your mental health and wellbeing.

Struggling to understand how on earth you’re going to be able to workout at home with a baby? Read on for some of our top tips!


Rats! - are there more, or are we just noticing them because of lockdown

There have been a number of news paper claims that we are seeing a rat population explosion in the UK since lockdown. But is this true and should we be worried for our families, our pets and ourselves?

In the News 
We all know the newspapers love to make a small story into a big one and anything that isn’t directly about Covid-19 is always going to get some space at the moment but is there any truth behind it? The claims are fairly simple, they are suggesting the during lockdown rat and mice numbers are on the rise. This is because of a much higher number of sightings and pest control companies reporting a higher number of call outs.


Win a 4 Seater Rattan Effect Garden Furniture Set

I'm sure we all know just how hard it has been to be stuck at home at the moment. It's been over 12 week now, has lockdown, where we've needed to stay home as much as possible, and just go out to get the essentials, or for exercise. It's a total difference to last year where we were in Spain, enjoying the hot weather, and now we're spending long periods at home.

So how about I help to make staying at home, a little better? Well today I have an amazing giveaway launching with a whole host of other UK bloggers to give away an amazing prize. Yes, if you look at the entry method below, there are a lot of ways you can enter, 205 ways to be exact, but if you were one of those who manage to go through the whole list, that gives you a bigger chance of winning. 

Some UK bloggers have teamed up to offer you a fantastic giveaway for this summer, organised by Emma Drew. Keep reading to see who is involved and how to enter.


Gifts For Father's Day 2020

So, I'm sure we all know that Father's Day is coming up later this month, and I get that everything might be a little messed up at the moment with lockdown, but some things need to keep going, to help us have some normality in our lives. 

Father's Day is a day that is best spent with your daddy-dearest, but for some, at the moment, that isn't an option, so getting them a gift that is great for them, is a great way to tell him that you're thinking of him. So, here is my 2020 gift guide for Father's Day...


Choosing The Right Backdrop For Photos

When it comes to taking photographs, it isn't just all about the subject matter - the background is just an important and can make or break your photos. There are so many different types of backgrounds and then more and more choices once you start making decisions on type such as size, texture and colour, and it can be overwhelming, especially when you think about how you actually want your photo to look,and the aesthetics you are going for.

Take this bake, for example, I've used 3 different backgrounds throughout this post, and all give another dimension to the item being photographed. The grey gives a plain base and makes the subject stand out, the black marble gives moodiness to the design, and the red makes aspects of the photo pop with colour. 


Hairstyle Options For Men With Thinning Hair

For many men, losing their hair can be a traumatic time, and cause a lot of upset. But some 85% of men will experience major hair thinning by the time they're 50, and then there are men who have naturally fine hair and really struggle with styling. I know my husband really hated how his hair look when it first started thinning. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of men's hairstyles and Men Hair Loss Solutions for thin, and balding hair. It's simply a matter of getting the best haircut and then styling your hair to avoid bringing any attention to your hair loss.


Jazz Apple Cake Recipe


Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum has been lucky to have been featured in this new recipe book from Jazz Apples that has launched today. This recipe book features my recipe and those of 9 other bloggers all incorporating Jazz apples into their favourite bakes and makes. The recipe book is free to download here if you want to give some of the recipes a try as I'm sure I'll be giving some of the others a go too.