Natural vinyl flooring for your home

More and more people are renovating their homes to achieve natural or urban design. These people are making a very wise decision for so many reasons. Vinyl flooring has replaced the real thing because it can guarantee long lasting results with minimal maintenance. Here are some more of the benefits…

Play around with tone
For big spaces you may have the desire to add character or just make the area feel cosier. Dark woods can really save the day and you don’t just have to work with brown, you can opt for mahogany, burgundy or even a black slate effect.

If you’ve got a smaller room that you want to make either bigger, more relaxed or you’re trying out a Scandinavian design then natural oak, beige stone or pastels can do wonders. No matter what end of the colour scheme you want to work with, vinyl flooring has every option.

Get the right furniture
Working with natural shades means you can have so much fun choosing your furniture and aesthetics. Patterned couches, big fluffy rugs and foliage can truly make a house a home. Don’t forget the fixtures such as doors, windows and walls as they will need to match your flooring too.

Creating consistency throughout your home using existing furniture and give a home a settled feeling and makes the change from room-to-room flow. Don’t worry about fixtures you cannot move, with the ‘click down’ method of vinyl flooring, you can work around those hard to get to corners, with planks which are sixed specifically to your homes dimensions.

No chance of damage
Your new vinyl flooring will be completely protected from all domestic hazards such as, moisture erosion and stains. Vinyl flooring works with built in Safe Guard technology that you won’t even know is there, but you’ll be glad it is.

Safe Guard is not just for moisture resistance, it’s for scratch resistance too. If you accidental drop a glass on your floor, not only are the shards not going to become lodged in the cracks, but your floor will remain unscathed.

Stands the test of time
This truly is a lifetime flooring, which estimates 20 years of brilliant style and protection. No amount of heat or liquid is going to stop this floor from being as fantastic as when you first laid it down in your home.

Amtico is an renowned company in the flooring industry who have used their 50 years of exceptional expert knowledge to create their Amtico Spacia, Abstract and Signature ranges. Luvanto is another vreand which has come quickly navigated to the top of the leader board in this industry, showing incredible use of technology within modern manufacturing to bring you Endure Pro, Parquet and Herring bone planks and tiles.

If you’re about to invest in flooring for a natural look, make sure you choose a flooring that keeps looking natural.


  1. I think we would prefer wood or carpets, but we would consider this for the kitchen.

  2. We're wanting to replace our carpets with different flooring and hadn't considered vinyl before,so thanks for this article and the link to the companies that do vinyl flooring. It looks a lot better than I had thought so we'll definitely consider this flooring now!

  3. We've done this in the hallway and downstairs loo - it's great! I've even steam cleaned it and used bleach spray where a doggy had an accident! Considering it in the living room and kitchen now.