5 Great Ways To Unite And Stay Connected During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The outbreak of the coronavirus has taken the world by storm and changed daily life for almost everyone. The shakeup to our normal routines could never have been pre-empted and as a result many of us are striving to find things to do to occupy ourselves within our 4 walls. For some people however, the lack of entertainment isn’t the only downside of being stuck at home. During this period a lot of people will feel disconnected from their friends and family and this has a seriously damaging effect on their mental health. It’s extremely important to check in on friends and family to maintain a strong social bond so a great way to do this is by sending thoughtful gifts, so we have put together a list of 5 thoughtful gifts to get us through lockdown and back together.

Facebook Portal
During the pandemic many of us has done our bit and stayed at home, and this has spurred an influx of online gathering places, from Google Hangouts, all the way to Zoom. The Facebook Portal is unlike any other however, as the camera device tracks your motion meaning you are always in the shot, perfect for any older generations who may not be as tech savvy.

Nostalgic Mug
No matter how much we try, unfortunately we cannot give a gift of companionship, but we can gift the items that feature heavily in social meets, so what makes a better gift than a nostalgic mug? A favourite band or movie theme will always go down well and you will be on their mind with every brew. Now that is satisfying.

Meal Kit/Subscription
Food is the way to everyone’s heart, and what’s more comforting than a delicious home cooked meal so why not gift a meal kit, or even a recipe subscription box this means each week, or how often you choose for one to be delivered, your recipient can busy themselves making a delicious meal for themselves and their family.

Personalised Clothing
Do you have a sentimental image or a phrase? Or perhaps there’s an embarrassing picture from a festival you visited a few years ago. Having something with shared sentiment printed on something that is comfortable and functional such as a personalised hoodie from Banana Moon, is a great pick me up when they are feeling the isolation, knowing there’s always the comforting hoodie with the sentimental print.

Handwritten Letter
Okay so this isn’t necessarily a gift so to speak, but the thought and effort you have made to get that handwritten letter to the recipient shows a huge amount of thought and effort, after all anyone can send a text message or make a phone call. If you want to add an extra thought to your handwritten letter you could piece together a care package, making sure to include their favourite sweet and savoury treats to indulge whilst they read the letter that you so carefully crafted for them.


  1. It's been a struggle for me - some great tips here.

  2. Great tips thanks!

  3. Our families live quite a way from us, so we've been contacting them as normal through the pandemic. We have been missing our friends though, but keeping in touch almost daily.