5 Benefits Of Solid Wood Flooring

I've wrote about our home many times, talking about how some of the rooms in our home haven't been changed much since we moved in 10 years ago, and home improvement ideas. Renovating a home takes time, and although some rooms, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, might take longer, there are rooms that can be changed up with just some little added touches.

One past of the room that stands out the most though, and does need quite a lot of thought about it, is the flooring. Flooring can make or break a room, from looking too much with overused patterns, to wearing easily and looking damaged. But there's no getting away from the fact that solid wood flooring looks great and can be used all round the home. It is currently one of the most sought after flooring options and I can see why.

It Just Looks Great
I guess there's no surprise that when you see celeb's houses, they're usually decked out with solid wood flooring. It's one of the most sought after flooring options due to its beautiful look, an the fact that it suits every house design, from uber modern, to shabby chic, any home can have gorgeous wooden flooring. 

Wood Flooring Is Easier To Keep Clean 
Carpets can harbour all sorts of germs and bacteria, especially if you have little children or pets. Wood flooring doesn't have this problem, and can be so easy to clean when it comes to spillages. It's also very well known that wood flooring is one of the ideal solutions for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma as it can't harbour anything that can cause flare ups. 

When you choose wooden flooring, all you need to do is either brush up, or vacuum, crumbs and bits, and then use a damp mop to remove any marks. In most cases, you don't even need to use any chemical cleaners either, just simple warm water and a mop. 

More Design Choices
From the choice of the actual wood used, the width of the planks, how you want them laying - you can go for herringbone, chevron, geometric - there is no need to compromise when choosing a wood floor. You can combine different tones to create patterns, colours, and styles. What's more, wood flooring is one of the few flooring options that can be changed whenever you decide to change up your decor - with options to distress, paint or stain your floor, you can change the look for only a very small investment without the need to rip it all up. 

Every Piece Is Unique 
With a range of grades to choose from, you can create the look you want in your own home. From a range of characteristics to ones with a clean, uniform look. I mean laminate can look good, but I often find the same pattern repeated over, whereas with solid wood, every piece is different. 

A Lifetime Investment
Wooden flooring isn't something that needs replacing every few years, unlike a carpet which, due to stains, holes, and age, could need replacing every 4-5 years. In fact, it's likely that wooden flooring will look better the older it gets. If cared for it can look like new for years to come and can be restored to its natural beauty with minimal changes. 


  1. I still prefer carpets though!

  2. We have carpets in the living room and bedroom, but we have wooden floors everywhere else. Just need a covering with Danish oil every few years to keep them looking fabulous!

  3. I prefer the look of laminate to real wood

  4. I love wood flooring although I now have carpet not through my own choice I want to get hard flooring again