3 Essential Tasks to Undertake During Lockdown

As millions of people get used to living in lockdown, now is a great time to tackle tasks you’ve been putting off. While there is plenty of at-home entertainment to enjoy while restrictions remain in place, undertaking essential tasks can help to keep your mind active and give you a sense of satisfaction.

To ensure you’re using your time efficiently while you’re at home, tackle these three essential tasks today.

1. Renew Your Insurance Policies
If you’ve been letting your insurance policies auto-renew for years, there’s a good chance you’re paying more for cover than you need to. By getting a range of life, car, and home insurance quotes, you can see how much you can save when it comes time to renew your policies.

2. Plan Your Budget
The economic impact of coronavirus is causing a significant amount of financial upheaval, so now is a good time to address your own financial situation. For many people, lockdown restrictions have caused a drop in income, so you may need to balance your books and amend your current budget.

It’s easy to avoid dealing with financial issues, particularly if you know you could be facing difficulties. However, postponing your budgeting tasks could lead to unnecessary issues, so it’s best to tackle the situation head-on. Many banks and companies are offering payment holidays and fee reductions, so you could access a significant amount of support if you take action now.

Don’t forget, the government is introducing a range of initiatives to help people cope with the unprecedented situation. Check if you’re eligible for any of the current schemes and register for notifications about new initiatives to ensure you’re getting the help you’re entitled to.

3. Change Your Utility Supplier
If you’ve been with the same utility supplier for years, you could save hundreds of pounds a month by switching to a new provider or agreeing to a new deal. Gas and electricity companies tend to charge more once a deal ends, so check what rates you’re currently paying and be prepared to make the switch. Generally, changing your utility supplier is a straightforward process. There’s no need for anyone to visit your property or undertake any work, so it’s a task you can undertake during lockdown and a great way to save some extra cash.

Getting Used to Life in Lockdown
No matter what your situation, the current lockdown restrictions can be tough to cope with. If you’re living alone, you may find the lack of interaction causes feelings of loneliness or isolation. Alternatively, if you’re cooped up with family members or flatmates, you might be longing for some time alone.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can maintain a sense of equilibrium as we adjust to a new normal. From at-home exercise to mindfulness and meditation, stress reduction techniques can alleviate your anxiety and keep you feeling calm and in control.


  1. I have gone through my direct debits to see what I no longer need and what needs changing

  2. Wish I could be I'm still going to work

  3. Very good advice - we recently got a better deal with our same utility supplier by going through a price comparison site!

  4. We've also used the spare time to update our Wills- something we've been putting to the end of our "to do list" for years! Now, we are stuck at home, we had the time to do it at long last!

  5. Very good advice - I've been doing a lot of checking ans sorting these things during lockdown