5 Great Ways To Unite And Stay Connected During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The outbreak of the coronavirus has taken the world by storm and changed daily life for almost everyone. The shakeup to our normal routines could never have been pre-empted and as a result many of us are striving to find things to do to occupy ourselves within our 4 walls. For some people however, the lack of entertainment isn’t the only downside of being stuck at home. During this period a lot of people will feel disconnected from their friends and family and this has a seriously damaging effect on their mental health. It’s extremely important to check in on friends and family to maintain a strong social bond so a great way to do this is by sending thoughtful gifts, so we have put together a list of 5 thoughtful gifts to get us through lockdown and back together.

Win a £20 Amazon Voucher

Every few months I like to give away an Amazon voucher and I find that it's a great way to thank you, my readers, for sticking by me for all these years, and it gives you guys a nice little treat for the one that wins. I also opt for an Amazon voucher as then the choices are endless when it comes to what to purchase with it.

You could go for a treat for your kids, saving for something bigger, or even just some chocolates in the Pantry area. I mean, I've been running these every few months for the past year and the winners have bought some lovely things. One emailed to say she had bought her little one some books, where another emailed with a gorgeous photo of a crib she had put it towards getting.


Lockdown Style Doesn't Need To Be Boring

I think we all felt the same at the beginning of lockdown. A chance to stay at home, as we'd been told to by the government, and sit in our pyjamas all day whilst snacking and trying our best to work from home. But as someone who worked from home before lockdown, I can tell you that this doesn't work for too long. 

Staying at home might sound like a blessing, but not making an effort for that long can cause us to be impaired mentally. Staying in your pyjamas gives you that excuse not to go out, not to need to do anything, and can mean you end up feeling rubbish.


Types of Business Fraud: is Coronavirus Causing a Change in Targeted Acts?

Fraud happens all the time, and there are many different types in business. To find out what these are, and how the Coronavirus is exacerbating it all, read on…

Fraudulent acts are not a new thing. Ranging from doorstep mischief, to phishing emails and text messages, all the way to money laundering, there are hundreds of ways fraud can emerge.


Natural vinyl flooring for your home

More and more people are renovating their homes to achieve natural or urban design. These people are making a very wise decision for so many reasons. Vinyl flooring has replaced the real thing because it can guarantee long lasting results with minimal maintenance. Here are some more of the benefits…


5 Benefits Of Solid Wood Flooring

I've wrote about our home many times, talking about how some of the rooms in our home haven't been changed much since we moved in 10 years ago, and home improvement ideas. Renovating a home takes time, and although some rooms, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, might take longer, there are rooms that can be changed up with just some little added touches.

One past of the room that stands out the most though, and does need quite a lot of thought about it, is the flooring. Flooring can make or break a room, from looking too much with overused patterns, to wearing easily and looking damaged. But there's no getting away from the fact that solid wood flooring looks great and can be used all round the home. It is currently one of the most sought after flooring options and I can see why.


Double Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Another day means we've tried another recipe, and today has been the chance to make these most scrumptious double chocolate muffins. The beauty of this muffin recipe is that the chocolate pieces are slightly hidden so each bite reveals a delightful surprise that tickles the taste buds. 

Now, this recipe is open to a bit of change up depending on what chocolate you prefer. I don't really like cooking chocolate so opt to use the regular stuff. In fact, I'm not even a dark chocolate lover, and neither are the kids, so I personally think a darker milk works quite well. In this recipe is use Galaxy Darker Milk, but you can use any you like - whether you prefer dark, milk or white, you can try any.


3 Essential Tasks to Undertake During Lockdown

As millions of people get used to living in lockdown, now is a great time to tackle tasks you’ve been putting off. While there is plenty of at-home entertainment to enjoy while restrictions remain in place, undertaking essential tasks can help to keep your mind active and give you a sense of satisfaction.

To ensure you’re using your time efficiently while you’re at home, tackle these three essential tasks today.


Bakewell Tart Recipe

If you haven't tried a proper Bakewell tart before, then you're in for a treat. This almond tart is a classic British dessert and a homemade one tastes totally different to a shop bought one. Made with a buttery pastry case, a thick layer of raspberry jam and then topped with a soft frangipane, before throwing over some sliced almonds to give a crunch at the top.

Bakewell tart is a moist textured dessert due to the frangipane filling which made with ground almonds. It can be quite hard to bake as, unlike regular cake filling, the frangipane filling will be soft and have a damp texture, more like set custard, so you can't do the skewer test to see if cooked.