Why Every Man Needs a Man Cave

Sorry ladies, but today's post is devoted just to men and a space for them. Whilst both sexes need a place to escape, the popular invention of the man cave has blown away its competition - Think the sewing room, home libraries and craft rooms that most women want in their homes, the man cave is the equivalent, well, for men. 

Men, if you are having trouble convincing your wife, or partner, that you should have a man cave, then read along, to see my reasons why every man should have their own space to call their own.

A Place to Unwind
After a long day at work we all crave a quiet retreat where we can plonk down onto the sofa, chill out and unwind. I guess this is the basic reason why a man needs a man cave. Believe it or not, but the man cave has some great mental health benefits to them. In fact, these spaces could actually improve your marriage. I mean, how much better would your marriage be if your other half is relaxed and de-stressed in their own personal space?

To Display Their Junk Art
Speaking from the female perspective, most of us don't want men's ideas of 'art' clogging up our living rooms. I mean, if my dad had his way, we'd have had a whole range of Wolverine Engines on show in the front room. So having a man cave is an ideal place to store these items so that he thinks he's getting to show them off and us women don't actually have to suffer looking at them 24/7. 

Think of all the storage benefits when it comes to having a man cave too. By creating a room just for them, men now immediately have a space to store all their collections, their pictures and records, and maybe even extra clothes could find a home here.

You could have shelves just for all their watches. I mean, what is it about men and their watches - you only need to wear one watch at a time so why have 6 of the damn things? My husband has designer watches, a special limited edition one for special occasions and then a fitness watch which he wears daily. Not to mention his collection of straps for them all - he uses https://rhinoband.com/pages/apple-watch-protection protection straps so he can do any sort of manual work without damaging his watch too.

Turn the Garage Into a Man Cave
To be honest, I don't think there are many people who actually use their garage to store their cars - it usually ends up wasted storage space. And to be honest, a garage can be much more than a place to park your car and stash your junk. You can fix up your garage with manly fixtures and fittings, get a window fitted for some much needed light and use http://www.canadiandoors.net/ to get a replacement door so he can access easily with any of his new toys.

There are numerous businesses that are solely devoted to assisting with garage restoration, and would be an ideal way to see the potential of this unused room. They can help you overhaul your garage from a dank, dark cement room, to one that is masculine, space resourceful and functional too.


  1. It would have to be a big cave to hold my snooker table!!!! :)

  2. Great idea - peace and calm for us all

  3. Your post made me smile and nod in agreement. A garage conversion is absolutely ideal.