Trying Some Trouser Styles from Femme Luxe


I've been shopping at Femme Luxe since last year and I've found their site ideal for going out clothing, as well as chill out bits too. They have a whole range of stylish fashionable pieces with a mix of day wear and casual looks to give a whole range of outfit options. 

Now that Spring is around the corner, I wanted to update my wardrobe with some new trousers that were not only ideal to wear in different styles, but were also thinner material than usual, so perfect for the dryer weather we should be getting anytime soon.

I always find trousers a bit hit and miss though. I have a high waist which means sometimes high waisted trousers can look like they come right up to under my bust. The Tartan Print High Waisted Trousers are a great fit though and have totally changed my mind on this. 

My most favourite part of these? The elasticated waist so they don't pull in and feel uncomfortable at the top - they just sit well and are super comfortable to wear. I also like the fitted legs as they really contour and end just at the right point at the ankle. 

I then wanted to go for some pairs that were a little different. I usually live in jeans or leggings, and so wanted some trousers that can be dressed up or down and always look great. The Khaki Green Cargo Slim Fit Trouser just stood out to me as I love the colour. I paired these with a black lace bodysuit which was also purchased from Femme Luxe in a previous collaboration I did with them about my summer fashion choices, last year. 

The fit on these trousers is so great. What's more, they feature multiple ankle cuffs for added style and multiple pockets too - which, as a woman, I love anything that actually is made for women and has pockets! I couldn't help myself when I saw them, and just had to get a couple of pairs in different colours and patterns - the khaki and camo above, and below in the black.

And black is my go to colour when it comes to the bottom half of my clothing. You'll usually find me donning black leggings or jeans, and these slim fit trousers are just a shake up of my style. I like that you can dress them up with heels and a strappy top, or go casual with an crop t-shirt and some flats. 


  1. They look so comfy!

  2. They look fab and so do you. I have become accustomed to wearing black leggings and have been meaning to try out some trousers for a change. These look really good.

  3. Cool and classy loving the look

  4. They do sound comfortable. My wife loves the tartan print ones!

  5. These look nice. I have trouble getting trousers that fit.