How to Clean a Long Pile Carpet?

The long pile carpets in the interior look just fine. However, such products need proper carpet cleaning services and regular care. For example, you need to order a professional carpet cleaning at home 1-2 times a year, which will help you to get rid not only of spots, but also of dust mites, and mold fungi. If for some reason you cannot order a professional carpet steam cleaning service, then you will need tips on how to clean the carpet with a long pile, using simple, safe and proven methods.
Recommendations for Proper Carpet Cleaning

As part of the proper care of a carpet with a long pile, it is necessary to determine the composition of the coating. Products made from synthetics are not too demanding to care for, and carpets, which include natural materials, need careful cleaning. For such flooring, it is not recommended to use aggressive compositions and methods, for example:
  • the use of bleaches;
  • the use of untested folk remedies.

Before any type of domestic carpet cleaning, it is necessary to conduct a test by applying the composition to a small area of ​​the coating. After 10-15 minutes, you can evaluate the reaction, because if the colour or structure of the pile has changed, then the selected product cannot be used. The best way to clean it is to use professional carpet cleaning London services, however several times a week you need to:
  • carry out dry cleaning, for which you can use a vacuum cleaner, soft broom or brush;
  • remove fresh stains with water, soap or soda, the latter is effective if you need to get rid of dampness on the carpet or liquid (tea, coffee, juice, urine and others);
  • in winter, you can clean the carpet with snow, taking it out. Snow perfectly fights pollution, helps to raise the pile and eliminate all kinds of odors.

Do not walk barefoot on the floor, it is recommended to use dirt-repellent mats, as well as protect the product from sunlight, closing the windows with curtains or blinds.

How to Clean a Long Pile Carpet at Home?
Absorbents such as soda, salt or starch will help get rid of fresh spots and unpleasant odors on carpets and upholstered furniture. The work is performed as follows:
  • dry clean the coating. If liquid has been spilled on the product, then it is worth collecting it with a dry paper or textile towel;
  • fill the contaminated area with a large amount of soda, if it is not available, then use starch or salt;
  • leave the absorbent for 8-12 hours, remove it with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

If a stain remains on the product after removing the absorbent, then you can remove it with a soap solution:
  • in 200 ml of room temperature water add 1 tsp. dishwashing detergent (can be replaced with liquid soap);
  • pour liquid into a spray bottle. It is not recommended watering the carpet with a solution, because after cleaning it will remain stains;
  • apply the solution to the contaminated area, lightly rub with a sponge or cloth. Do not try to wipe the stain too intensely, do not smear it;
  • clean the components with a damp sponge.

If you want to remove dog urine from the carpet, then after washing the soap solution, you need to process the coating with vinegar. It is recommended to prepare an aqueous solution (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water); it should be applied from a spray bottle.

If huge spots have appeared on the carpet, and the pile has lost its bulk and decorative characteristics, then it is better to order professional carpet cleaning services. They will be able to wash any kind of stains using proprietary cleaning equipment, as well as safe certified chemistry. Experts will tell you how to properly store a carpet, how to dry it quickly - they will give the carpet owners many useful tips that will help them take care of the covering themselves!


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