Flexible Working Can Be Beneficial For Business Success


With International Women's Day hitting tomorrow, I think it's important to start talking about topics that are issues for women, and flexible working seems to be a big topic at the moment. We've always grown up being told that women are the matriarch of the family. They cook, they clean, they look after the children and the house, and make sure their partner is sorted. But what happens when it comes to them working too whilst still having to deal with all of that.

Flexible working always seems like a topic that people don't want to talk about. And to be fair, it is key to tackling the gender pay gap, as it usually effects women, so I understand that some men don't think it's a problem. I mean, I get it, some men are effected by it too, but let's be real, it is mostly women.

You just have to mention flexible working and people have certain ideas. Conference calls in pyjamas, lunchtime sitting on the sofa, maybe a desk in the back garden - playing at work when really they're lounging at home. All ideal for some of us, but unfortunately, not what flexible working is about.

For mothers returning to work from maternity leave, those few hours of leeway can be the difference between career confidence and a career down the drain. Of even a parent who doesn't always have childcare for a full days work - being able to work from home can be a godsend.

Allowing the workforce to work in a less rigid way, championing women, diversity and flexible working, will bring a happiness to the workplace, that nothing else can do. As flexible working is more than just working from home. It's about working from wherever you need to be at that time. And it can be done so easily too by making use of the technology we have available to us such as audio and video conferencing, and even mobile internet.

There are so many benefits to flexible working too. From worker satisfaction, to business benefits. Employee satisfaction is key to retention of the workforce, and offering flexible working and optimising quality employees your business will enjoy greater productivity and success. With a greater sense of control over their working day, staff are likelier to work harder and increase their output, thus benefiting the business, which I guess is what everyone wants in the long term.

Even then, each employee is different. Some work better in the mornings and find that their concentration tends to start wavering by the afternoon, whereas other employees may work best from lunch onwards. I guess what I'm saying is, flexible working allows individual employees to play to their strengths in order to ensure maximum output - and isn't that a good thing?

For example of a business who allows flexible working, Font Bundles was started by 3 friends (Alex France, Geoff Ballington and Andy Croft) on a shoestring budget with a range of skills and experience. 

The company is still 100% owned by the co-founders, and self funded. The company now boasts 30 full time employees and over 4000 designers selling their products on the craft and design marketplace, Design Bundles and the font marketplace, Font Bundles. 

Font Bundles Ltd is a diverse and modern company who champion diversity and flexible working. The company started and scaled without any central office by making use of the team working application Slack. 

Although the company is registered in the UK, all 30 of the company’s employees work remotely and are based in over 10 different countries around the world, including its co-founders who meet up a few times a year to brainstorm and discuss growth plans. 

In the last financial year, the company grossed over $10,000,000 USD in revenue, showing no signs of slowing down with the launch of several other brands and products. 


  1. Useful info thank you!

  2. Flexible working has to be the way forward for all of us. The 9 to 5 work day should be a thing of the past, especially for women.

  3. I was self employed most of my working life, so I know how good flexible working is. I also found that I worked best with the hours 7.30am to 4.30pm. I used to get a great amount of work done before 10 in the morning!

  4. Sounds like the way forward!