Family friendly home improvement ideas


Whether you’re already one busy cell of a bustling family household, part of a growing family, or anticipating a few more little bodies arriving in the home over the next few years, home improvements pose a challenge. There’s the financial side of things, the longevity of such investments, and then the general wellbeing and safety of everyone involved.

And let’s face it, when we’re talking about kids, they’re not the best when it comes to taking care of themselves. At least not yet, anyway. But with a few, family-friendly home improvement ideas implemented here and there, you can safeguard against mishaps, and take good care of your home in the long run.

Rethink your flooring
If you’ve already been through the trauma of combining small children with carpets or wooden flooring, commiserations. One is dangerously absorbent when it comes to spillages, and the other is, well, just dangerous. However, a great way to avoid costly carpet cleaning, and slippy surfaces, is to return to an old favourite in home decor.

While vinyl certainly remains the most popular modern flooring option, carpet tiles have also had something of a resurgence, of late. They offer a similar range of options in style, but are much easier to install. And this is what makes them great in a family home – any spillages can be removed, dry cleaned, or even replaced, without breaking the bank.

Lose your edge
As a parent you’ve probably already lost, or rather, repurposed a lot of the person you used to be, in the years BK (before kids). But when it comes to furniture and surfaces, it’s also worth thinking about losing some of the usual edge here as well. 

You may already be accustomed to performing the odd risk assessment at work, so apply these same close inspection techniques in the home. Assess what could be broken, dragged, smashed, and inappropriately repurposed in each room, and set about creating a child-proof environment.

As kids often want to be as close to you as possible, you could also consider a dedicated workspace or bench for them in the kitchen, garage, study, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time.

A space for the ages
For home improvements on a larger scale (and this is where longevity really comes into the equation), if you can afford a substantial home improvement now – it’s something you can enjoy long after the kids have flown the nest.

Not that there won’t be a great deal of concern with what the kids could do to something like a new conservatory, or loft conversion.

But thankfully there’s plenty of options for safeguarding these environments too. For instance, if you create a new bedroom or playroom, in a loft or garage conversion, consider semigloss paint for the walls. This effectively creates a giant, easy to clean chalkboard for the kids, while applying the same child-proofing techniques above, here, will add even more safety to the space. Of course, any new space like this needs to be properly insulated, and connected to utilities too, so don’t trust anybody other than a professional contractor to complete the work. 

If your home is in the north east, consider Findley, Sunderland roofing contractors, to perform any redesign of the roof above your loft space. Having a professional contractor on the task means a crucial guarantee for the work – and peace of mind for the family for years to come.


  1. I love your throwaway comments like this one: 'As a parent you’ve probably already lost, or rather, repurposed a lot of the person you used to be, in the years BK (before kids).'

    It is certainly worth thinking about family-friendly products when redecorating. There are lots more available now than there used to be.

  2. Great tips and ideas thanks!

  3. A dedicated workspace or bench for the kids is a great idea!

  4. I'm sure the latest carpet tiles are a huge improvement on the hideous ones which used to be available!