Creating A Boys Bedroom From Tween To Teen


Coming up with teenage boys bedroom ideas is no easy feat for a parent, especially if you're decorating when they're still a tween and want a room that can take them through the years. I mean, what one child might like when they are 11 might not be the same when they're 16.

There are no rules when it comes to decorating a teenage boys bedroom, but there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. The design, functionality and storage are a big part as this bedroom will become a private space, study area, where he can socialise with friends, so the décor needs to be flexible and multi-functional.

This means that you should try to find clever and space-saving storage solutions, carefully selected colours for the décor and you also take into consideration any personal preferences such as hobbies or likes and dislikes.

Since our oldest son is going into his own room this month, I thought I'd give some ideas to make the transition for creating a boys bedroom to suit from tween to teen. 

Squeeze in a study space
Once children start high school, it is paramount that they have a space, just for them, that they can use for doing homework and for general studying. Squeezing a desk into a tiny bedroom may not be an option though, so you may have to be inventive, A small alcove or window recess can be transformed into a study area by fixing a section of worktop on wall brackets. You could even opt for storage and space that is incorporated into other furniture, such as the Bed Guru single beds that offer a sleepstation with drawers and a desk right underneath the bed, so no extra space is taken up. 

Add style with accessories
If getting creative on the walls is a bit too far, let your tween express their style though accessories instead. A statement duvet set is a great way to do this, or even pictures on the walls. It makes an instant impact in a room and is quick and easy to change if your child gets bored of it. I find that grey is a reassuringly masculine shade, and makes an ideal backdrop to practically any colour scheme so you can add from there.

Show off cool collections
If your child has a favourite hobby or collection, why not incorporate it into their bedroom design scheme. For T, he is obsessed with collecting fossils at the moment and so I am incorporating a shelf area, above his desk, to store them all and that will make an interesting talking point. I'll also be putting his collection of David Walliams and Horrible Histories books up there too so that he can easily find them when he wants to have a read.

Add a flash of colour with acid yellow
Take a break from the traditional blue shades that always seem to adorn boys bedrooms, and send a shot of colour through the room with an acid yellow furnishings. T chose his room design himself, wanting a grey and yellow base. So we've opted for a grey and yellow geometric wallpaper on the main wall, coordinating bedding, and a desk stool of the same colours too, to bring the whole room together. Obviously, you don't have to go for yellow, but have a look around when it comes to choosing the colourway rather than just opting for the usual colours for a boys room. 


  1. I love these ideas. My nephew is a tweenager and his room definitely needs organising and updating!

  2. Just had a quote to redecorate my sons room, some great tips thank you

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE - so will my teenage nephew