A Guide to the Perfect Open-Plan Room for Your Family


Open-plan rooms are perfect for large families, especially if you are looking to create a large communal space for all of your family to enjoy at once. To ensure that there is something for everyone within your new room, this guide will explore some of the best possibilities to create the perfect space for your whole family.

Install a Fireplace
Fireplaces can help to make large spaces feel homely rather than clinical. Not only will fireplaces ensure that you are able to heat large open spaces, but they can also create the perfect focal point within an already busy room, which will instantly grab your guest’s attention. You should consider installing a double-sided fireplace to ensure that the whole room gets the benefits of its modern aesthetic, or opt for a Kalfire from Marble Hill Fireplaces, which can give your room a realistic and yet safe fireplace that all the family can enjoy.

Create Space
When you are building an open-plan room for your family, you should recognise that large groups of people may be using the space for different activities at once. Then, it is important that you are able to create space within the room, even if it is littered with a lot of furniture or different zones, such as a kitchen and dining space. To create more space, you can install more storage units, reduce the amount of furniture that you buy or position it at angles, and consider bringing in more natural light to make your open plan room look larger.

Opt for Minimalism 
Amid the chaos of family life, minimalism can sometimes seem impossible. However, opting for a minimalist room in an open-plan space is important as it will allow your family to carry out more activities in the area without being hindered by barriers from furniture or fixtures. It will also ensure that your room is a stress-free and mind-calming space that all the family can use. To create minimalism, you should opt for neutral colours, reduce the amount of clutter and mementos that you display, and install more compact furniture items.

Create Communal Areas
One of the benefits of creating an open-plan space is the fact that it encourages your family to be more social. To ensure that this occurs, you should work on creating a communal area that all your family can use at once. To do this, you should invest in enough seating for everyone in your family, such as using L-shaped furniture angled facing each other, or investing in kitchen islands and breakfast bars where you can socialise while you eat your meals.

Build Pathways
It is almost impossible to prevent kids from running around your new space, and, to keep them safe, you should ensure that you are able to build paths between your furniture that are both able to maintain the cohesion of the room while allowing family members to pass through quickly and easily without the danger of injury from falling or knocking into furniture.


  1. Fireplaces are a certainly beautiful a and comforting focal point. Lots of good suggestions. Thank you.

  2. We concentrated on installing a really good fireplace and surround when we moved in to our house, to make a stunning focal point!

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