5 Magical Things to Do in Seville with Kids

Ingenuity arises because instead of telling them about oranges and how they are grown, you decide to go to the source and let them see for themselves, well that will take a few hours to arrive and only moments to see the orchards, Seville has a lot more to offer than an abundance of orange trees. So, book your tickets, throw away that guide book and get on the plane, make sure the kids get on too and then read these tips of 5 of the most magical things you can do with your kids in Seville.

1. Row your way down the river. Plaza de Espana is an extremely popular part of Seville and wandering around it will fill your heart with romance, but letting the kids row you around the river that surrounds the plaza will be magical, also keep their minds interested with the titbit of knowledge you have that this was also the setting for the planet Naboo in Star Wars Episode 2.

2. Dance their nights away, some kids are of an age that they will be able to appreciate the dancing form Flamenco and there’s no reason to deny them that. Take them kicking and screaming to the Flamenco Museum where there are daily shows and plenty of history to learn where this movement of passion came from. 

3. Maria Luisa Park, it’s actually connected to Plaze de Espana but its best to split the two up as this has so many different facets. There is a pedal cycle tour that can whisk you around as fast as the family can pedal, alternatively a horse drawn carriage could trot you through the wondrous setting or just stroll through to the island of the birds where the kids can play out their ornithological fantasies.

4. Climb up and up, to the top of the Metropol Parasol. It’s the largest wooden structure in the world and there are ramps that go all the way up. The sunsets are gorgeous, and the structure is intricate, great place to let the kids knock about and play hide and seek whilst you grab a cool refreshing glass of something adult.

5. Isla Magica, here you can let them truly run wild. There’s no history to bore just pure colourful entertainment to the north of the city. Rollercoasters, Pirate shows, White water rapids and slides so many slides.

A lot of this is all over the city so it’s advisable to grab a car to get around, there is a reliable public transport system however with all the extra luggage each day, to visit all this magic, you will need something to assist you. Enjoycarhire.com is a great way to compare the prices of car rental in Seville and find a deal that suits your needs.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you. Good ideas for things to do with children are always appreciated.

  2. Looks amazing - never thought of visiting

  3. Looks lovely...if only we could travel ...

  4. Seville is one of the places on our list! Just moved it up a couple of places after reading this!