Women's Spring Fashion Ideas

I don't know about you, but on days lately I've been woken by the sun rising,leaving me in such a good mood than when my alarm chimes out. I think we're all ready for the new season to hit, with less snow, rain and cold. I've been slowly transitioning from my Winter wardrobe, picking up a few new pieces to make outfits easier as the temperature begins to change.

Layering is so important at this time of year when the weather can be unpredictable, as can the sun. But I wanted to share a few styles that I'm loving lately, that are fashionable, versatile, and very affordable! I was looking at women's tops from justyouroutfit and it got me thinking about spring fashion and the different styles we can wear, now the weather is starting to get a little better.

Mustard Yellow
Say hello to this season's hottest colour trend, and my absolute favourite colour at the moment: mustard yellow. Forget about classic yellow, lemon and pastels from the past, because there's a new yellow on the block and it comes with a punch. Totally in season, mustard yellow is bold without being in your face and the perfect balance between sexy and classy, pairing easily with jeans, or even more brights for a seriously powerful look. 

Animal Instincts
This season, let their animal instincts take over with bold and wild prints. Animal prints such as leopard print is always on the catwalk on a variety of garments, including pants, coats, dresses, suits, and more. If you aren't confident enough to go the full hog, then you can add a leopard print bag or shoes to give a playful touch.

Leather Love
From dresses to tops to shackets (yes, they're a thing), leather is absolutely everywhere right now. Leather can be part of your signature style without making you look like a rock chic. From leather look leggings and tops, to the important jacket. You can even wear leather on leather. When wearing more than one item of leather, combining suede with plain leather is the safest way because of the different textures and look it gives you.

Puff Shoulders
Proving once and for all that the minimal trend is over, this season we'll be embracing lashings of fabric. Bold ruffles and oversized silhouettes,  result in statement puff shoulders on both dresses and blouses, which look so amazing. Simultaneously striking and stylish, these puff sleeves add a fun 1980s Outfit Ideas to modern outfits. Just be sure to keep the rest of your look subdued, so you don't look over the top.

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