What To Look For In A Good Landlord

Many people think that being a landlord is easy being a landlord is not as easy as it sounds, and can be very hard at times. It can come with all sorts of stresses and responsibilities but it doesn't have to. A lot of the stress can be alleviated by building a good landlord and tenant relationship.

Treating tenants well is a sure fire way to attracting, and keeping, the right tenants, and making sure you have a great relationship with them is paramount when you need to undertake repairs or show the property to prospective new tenants or buyers. 

So what are the main qualities that separate the good landlords from the bad? Here are a few things to look for in a good landlord...

They Communicate well
A good landlord is one who communicates well with their tenants. When you're a tenant and need questions answering, you want a landlord who will converse quickly and will listen to you concerns. You want your landlord to be open to you having their phone number, email address, and any other way of communicating with them, if anything was to go wrong. 

Knows The Law And Keeps Documents
They should ensure that a proper written tenancy agreement is in place and is signed by all parties. This document will set out everything from the condition of the property, and your responsibilities as a tenant, as well as the handling of the deposit, and what to do if you need help. It should set out what is the landlords, and the tenants responsibilities when it comes to decorating and moving things, and whether they have landlord insurance in case something breaks and the laws when it comes to renting. These laws cover subjects like rent, deposits, landlord and tenant rights, and evictions. A good landlord will be familiar with those laws and, more importantly, abide by them too.

Maintains The Property
Some landlords do a vanishing act as soon as the tenancy agreement is signed and the tenant moves in. Whereas a good landlord will make sure that the property is neat and tidy when the new tenants move in, if something needs to be repaired, they will get it sorted as soon as reasonably possible.

Is Reasonable When It Comes To Decor
When it comes to that fact that everyone has different tastes, a good landlord will appreciate the fact that the tenant will want to personalise the property to a certain degree, and will allow them to make small changes to the areas. From hanging up pictures and even painting (providing it isn't too harsh).

I think the tenant and landlord just need a little bit of understanding, respect and professionalism from both parties, and this can go a long way to creating a positive working relationship between both parties, as you may be stuck with each other for some time. 

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