What Are the Benefits of Drama Classes for Children?


In recent years, the importance of drama classes and how they influence the wider curriculum is becoming increasingly more recognised amongst educational professionals. At many schools, students enjoy a weekly drama lesson, which not only supports other areas of the curriculum, but also allows them to develop new skills that they can carry through life. A private girls’ school in Surrey explores the many benefits of drama below.

Drama Improves Confidence
Probably the most obvious benefit of drama classes are that they allow students to become more confident. Being able speak clearly and confidently, projecting your voice and allowing yourself to be heard, is an important skill but one that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It is, however, a skill that can be taught and worked on throughout life. Weekly drama lessons which require children to perform in front of their peers will help contribute to improved confidence. It’s an opportunity for them to step out of their comfort zones in a safe and structured environment.

Confidence can be nurtured in many ways within a drama department. For those students who are not happy to take centre stage, there are other important tasks they could carry out to help them develop new skills and feel a sense of self-assurance. For instance, they could work on designing the set or assist with lighting and/or sound.

Drama Teaches Teamwork and Co-operation
Drama performances usually involve teamwork; if actors don’t support one another, their improvisations will likely fail. The ability to work as part of a team is a crucial life skill and also allows young people to make new friends and learn to put any differences aside. Essentially, teamwork teaches children that no two people are the same and that’s ok; we all have different opinions and perspectives and are able to offer one another feedback and advice based on an opposing outlook on life. It is usually a required skill in extra-curricular clubs, as well as in the place of work.

Drama Encourage Empathy
In many ways, drama lessons can help children understand more about the world around them. By exploring different themes and both imaginary and real-life situations, children tend to become more inquisitive. What’s more, by acting out a variety of different emotions and experiences, children are able to become more appreciative of how people think and feel when faced with certain battles, allowing them to develop empathy for others.

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